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10 Apartments that are Small in Size, but Big on Taste

As the saying goes, in a small space, every inch counts.

In this post, let us show you how these 10 apartments have cleverly incorporated 7 stylish design concepts to make their tiny interiors look much more spacious than they really are!

Make the Stylized Wall the Center of Attraction

A tactically placed stylized wall will draw our attention away from the diminutive size of the apartment. It is also another great way to add texture and interest in your home. In this way, you can easily spruce the interior with style without having to make it look too busy and cluttered with design adornments.

#1 Location: Medge
Design: The Association
Size: 37 sqm

Declutter and Conceal

Conquering clutter has been already a challenge for any homeowner, but it’s an even bigger challenge for small apartment owners! Apart from making the apartment look much smaller, the heaps of clutter make the interior look messy and unkempt. Therefore, keeping the mess out of sight is the easiest way to achieve the most sought after clean, sleek and minimalist look.

#2 Location: Holland Avenue
Design: The Design Abode
Size: 59 sqm

#3 Location: Marine Terrace
Design: The Design Abode
Size: 65 sqm

#4 Location: Marine Terrace
Design: The Design Abode
Size: 88 sqm

Ceiling Surprises

Instead of opting for the false ceiling which takes up around 4 to 6 inches of height, home interior designers have chosen to leave the ceiling bare. This deliberate move makes the room look much taller and roomier. In addition, the bare ceiling can be adorned in an unusual manner to give it character and style.

#5 Location: Anchorvale Crescent
Design: The Local Inn.terior
Size: 89 sqm

Create Additional Dimension

Architectural ceiling treatments are getting increasingly popular in recent years, to add extra dimension and character to a tiny home. Instead of cookie cutter designs, home interior designers have turned to false ceilings of asymmetrical, unique shapes and sizes to create depth which results in a stunning look.

#6 Location: Punggol Field
Design: M3 Studio
Size: 85 sqm

Going Multi-functional

Clever multi-purpose furniture is perfect for tiny spaces since it is able to pull double and even triple duty. Quality multi-functional furniture is characterized by its versatility to cater to the homeowners need in varying situations. In addition, aside from being creative in its functionality, multi-purpose furniture is also very stylish as well! For instance, a bed frame which doubles up as a pull-out cabinet and a collapsible, retractable table which can be easily towed away when not in use helps to free up a lot of space for a compact interior.

#7 Location: Skywood
Design: Authors • Interior & Styling
Size: 70 sqm

#8 Location: Edgedale Plains
Design: Luova Project Services
Size: 41 sqm

Mixing and Matching Texture and Prints

Contrary to popular belief, mixing and matching texture and prints will not turn a meticulously planned interior into a kaleidoscopic mess. Be bold and creative! Limit your texture and prints to 2 and 3 designs the right finishing touches and they will pull together a cohesive design.

#9 Location: Hougang
Design: The Association
Size:  56 sqm

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s the Largest of them all?

Mirrors are the most flexible and versatile material for the home interior designers to work with; not only they are meant for homeowners to check their appearance,  a strategically placed mirror has the power to transform a compact room to look bigger and brighter.

#10 Location: Fernvale Road
Design: Tan Studio
Size: 65 sqm


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