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10 Ways to Make Your HDB Bomb Shelter “Disappear”

Many of us would agree that the household shelter aka bomb shelter in our HDB homes is a waste of space and a design abomination. We’ve previously suggested ways to make use of that ventilation-deficient, cramped room. Today, we’re exploring ways to make your bomb shelter “disappear” – well, it will still be there, but it will definitely be a lot less of an eye sore.


1. Clocking in

If there’s anything more dreadful than that blast resistant door we can’t hack away, it’s that round ventilation vent on top of it. Solution? Turn it into a clock! It’s the right shape and the right height for a clock to be at. We love this customised one, which features a woodgrain façade that blends right in with the wood-laminated walls around it.

Design: Urban Habitat Design


2. Chalking it up

Here’s an easy idea – smear the door with chalkboard paint and voila! – instant chalkboard wall to unleash your creativity on. This works great in a kitchen as it can serve as a board for reminders, your grocery list or recipes. It will also be a good option if you’re going for a café-like atmosphere.



3. Pretend it’s a retro fridge

Now here’s an economical option to those expensive Smeg refrigerators. Of course, you won’t be able to chill or freeze anything in them, but hey, Smeg refrigerators are really only there for the aesthetic right?

Source: Pinterest


4. …or a vodka bottle

Don’t want to convert your bomb shelter into a major kitchen appliance? There’s the option of turning it into a massive vodka bottle. After realising that his bomb shelter had a similar form to an Absolut bottle, the homeowner used paint and decals to turn it into a mural of his favourite alcoholic beverage. Genius!

Design: Vegas Interior


5. Hidden shoe cabinet

This one’s for folks whose bomb shelters are located near your foyer – we feel you, people. Conceal it behind a pivoting door that also hides your extensive shoe stash. It’s great for keeping things looking neat and tidy – so important in a small space – but hey, who are we kidding? We’re doing it because we want to feel like we’ve got a secret entrance in our home.

Design: Free Space Intent


6. TV wall

You will need to break away from conventional BTO layouts with this one. Here, the bomb shelter is hidden behind a marble-clad TV feature wall thanks to the unique positioning of this flat’s living room.

Design: Space Factor


7. Now you see it, now maybe you don’t

For people whose bomb shelters are located along the hallway, we’ve got you covered – quite literally. Shroud the entire walkway, save for the entrance to your rooms, with a wallpaper of your choice and see your household shelter disappear before your very eyes.

Design: The Local Inn.terior


8. Plaster a kawaii decal

Sometimes you will need a load of cuteness to obscure something as icky as a bomb shelter door. We love how the designer turned this space just outside the bomb shelter into a cosy study nook, complete with adorable wall stickers.

Design: Wolf Woof


9. Turn it into a large magnet!

Magnetic walls are perfect for decorating as we see here in this magnetic bomb shelter door decked out with the homeowner’s collection of metal plates he collected to remember the countries he’s been to. But a magnetic door has a ton of other uses too – it can function as a memo board or even as a magnetic spice rack in your kitchen.

Design: Fuse Concept


10. Blending right in

We love how this household shelter door blends in with the rest of the theme in this home. The simple, fuss-free aesthetic serves as part of this contemporary home’s design, becoming one of the many black accents in this HDB flat.

Source: Amoz Boon


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