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10 Extremely Simple Home Improvement Projects Which Every Homeowner Should Do!

#1. Draught-proof the Rooms

Design: 0932 Design Consultants

Aside from draughts, using a self-adhesive door, window seals and door sweepers helps to prevent dust from getting into the room. They also improve the homes energy efficiency levels and save electricity bills by preventing the cooled air con from escaping. The window seals can also be used for the cabinet doors to prevent the dust from getting into the cabinets too. The door, window seals and door sweepers usually come in the form of soft silicon rubber strips with 3M self-adhesives.

How easy to install?
Simply cut to measure the door, window seals and door sweepers. Stick to install.

Where to get them?

#2. Install Floor Protectors for Furniture

Design: Creative Mind Design

Furniture, chair legs and electrical appliances such as standing fans are often overlooked as sources of floor damage. Therefore, unprotected furniture, chair legs and electrical appliances will scratch the flooring finish with the grit and debris and therefore, they need to be made more floor-friendly.

The floor protectors fall into the following types; the nail-on, self-adhesive and slip-on pads. In addition, getting the right floor protector for the right floor material can prevent floor damage. For carpet, harder floor protectors such as plastic floor gliders are recommended. Thick felt and rubber floor gliders are recommended for hardwood and ceramic flooring. As for softer floors such as vinyl and rubber flooring, thick felt, rubber and plastic gliders are the most suitable.

How easy to install?
Simply nail-on, stick or slip-on to install.

Where to get them?

#3. Waterproof the Fabric Sofa

Design: 3D Innovations

Treating the fabric sofas with a waterproof, stain-resistant finish, helps to protect them from moisture, spills and stains. In this way, the maintenance of the fabric sofas is much easier since they can now be easily cleaned with a steam cleaner. Furthermore, treating the fabric sofas with fabric and upholstery protector can also extend the shelf life and durability of the sofas.

How easy to install?
Simply spray 2 layers and let dry in between layers.

Where to get them?

#4. Install Net Mesh for Sink Drain

Image from Appliancehouse

The clogging of kitchen sink can be easily prevented by installing a mesh sink drain strainer. The strainer will filter the food residue and particles while allowing water to pass through the kitchen sink drain easily. This will prevent the kitchen sink drain from being blocked.

How easy to install?
Simply wrap the net mesh around the sink drain opening.

Where to get them?

#5. Install Anti-slam Bumpers

Image from Atomicdesert

Anti slam bumpers help to prevent cabinet doors from slamming shut when they are not installed with anti-slam and damping hinges. Anti slam bumpers can also be installed inside the door frame and toilet lid cover, for them to catch and absorb the shock from the door and toilet lid before it slams shut. In addition, they can also be used as gliders to protect surfaces from lightweight furniture too.

How easy to install?
Simply stick to install.

Where to get them?

#6. Install Water Saving Kit

Image from Devolkitchens

To ensure that the taps are water efficient tap, simply install free water saving kit from the PUB to cut down around 5% of your monthly water consumption. PUB’s revamped water saving kit contains a set of thimbles with three and four holes that offers more flexibility in controlling the tap’s and shower head’s water flow rates. Which means that lesser water can be used.

How easy to install?
Simply unscrew the taps and shower heads, install the water thimble to install and screw back the taps and shower heads.

Where to get them?

#7. Organize with Tension Rods

Image from Marthastewart

 Tension rods are the homeowners best kept secrets; other than holding up curtains, these simple rods can help you stay organised in an amazing 25 ways or even more. They are very easy to install leave no marks when they are uninstalled. In addition, they function almost anywhere; with their functions limited only by the power of your imagination.

How easy to install?
Simply measure the space between 2 facing surfaces, use a rod that’s longer and twist both ends of the tension rod to expand it. Slide the tension rod between the 2 walls and let it expand.

Where to get them?

#8. Change the Direction of Shower Door

Design: Cedron Interior Concept

Changing the direction of the shower door helps to resolve situations when the shower door awkwardly swings open outwards, in the wrong direction. This is because when the shower door swings outward, the water from the shower door will be dripping outside of the shower stall and onto the bathroom floor.

How easy to install?
Simply pull to remove the shower sweep, flip it in another direction and push to reinstall the shower sweep.

Where to get them?

#9. Mold-proof the Grout

Design: 13th design studio

Waterproof the grout by applying a layer of silicon-based grout sealer to prevent the moisture, stain and mildew from penetrating the porous grout. Such sealer usually incorporates antimicrobial properties to prevent microbes. In addition, you can also use a DIY natural anti-mold-prohibiting solution (made with equal parts of white vinegar and water) to further guard the grout against mould.

How easy to install?
Simply apply the sealer on the grout and allow 1 to 2 hours to dry.  Reapply every 12 months.  Spray the  natural anti-mold-prohibiting solution and let dry.

Where to get them?

#10. Water spot-proof the Shower Glass

Design:  Cozyspace

Preventing water spots on shower glass helps to keep them pristine clean and looking like new. Hence, using water repellent solution on glass shower door helps to repel the water. Furthermore, treated shower glass makes it easier to wipe the shower glass dry after each use and this also avoid soap deposits or lime buildup in hard water areas.

How easy to install?
Simply spray and wipe away.

Where to get them?


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