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10 Hideaway/Collapsible /Pull-back Designs Perfect for Small Spaces

A little ingenuity is sometimes needed if you want to save space. From fold-down dining tables to retractable vanity counters, these innovative designs from Singapore homes will help you get the most out of your square footage.


1. Flip-up Bar Counter

Here’s a solution if you don’t have the space for a full-sized bar counter. In this apartment, the flip-up bar counter is hidden within the living room’s TV console, with the bar table top made forming a panel of the console. There are shelves at the side for the storage of wines and spirits.

Design: Space Factor


2. Fold-down Guest Bed

Problem: You need a bed for occasional guests, but you can’t afford to sacrifice an entire bedroom for them. Solution: Get a fold-down guest bed, which allows you to stow it away when you don’t have use for it. You can then use the room for other purposes.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


3. Slide-out Makeup Table

With HDB bedrooms as small as they are, you don’t need a makeup counter taking up already limited floor estate. Here, a wall-mounted makeup counter makes use of the space above the bedside table. It features a slide-out makeup table that can be hidden after use.

Design: Metier Planner


4. Pull-apart Dining Set

This feature wall hides the dining set. Pull it apart and you’ll find a dining table. Place a couple of chairs and you’re all set for dinner.

Design: Dap Atelier


5. Extendable Kitchen Counter

There are times when you need more countertop space in the kitchen, such as when you’re hosting dinner parties or if you’re planning to bake and need that extra room to roll out pastry dough. But rather than go for a permanent kitchen counter that can take up a lot of room in small cooking space, get an extendable one that you can keep away when you don’t need it.

Design: Fineline Design


6. Foldaway Vanity Counter

To keep things looking neat and tidy in the bedroom, the vanity counter can be stowed away so that it appears like there’s only a sleek and elegant console table in the space.

Design: Museworks


7. Pull-out Study Table

In this apartment’s leisure lounge, a small pull-out table transforms this relaxing zone into a workstation when needed.

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling


8. Murphy Bed

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are a good solution if you want to create a multipurpose space. They can be flipped back up to the wall when you want to use the space for something else other than sleeping. In this bedroom, the bedside table is also retractable, pulled out when needed and pushed back when the room changes into a study.

Design: Sevenvine


9. Folding Dining Table

The pantry area in this home also doubles as the dining area, where the dining set is stowed away neatly within the cabinets. The dining table is pulled out from a drawer, while the dining chairs are stacked to the side in an opening compartment when dinnertime is over.

Design: Chapter B


10. Countertop Extension

A short countertop extension adds an additional food prep area or even a small breakfast table in your kitchen without taking up a lot of room. In this tiny kitchen, an extension rather than a permanent countertop also ensured that the space between the kitchen and the living room remains visually open.

Design: ArtMuse Interior


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