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13 Unexpected Vertical Storage for Small Spaces

In small spaces where there’s limited floor estate, it helps to think vertical in order to find extra storage room for your things. In need of inspiration? Here are a few unexpected vertical storage ideas that can help you maximise your square footage:

1. From the front visage, you can’t quite see the lean wooden ledges lining the feature wall fronting the open kitchen. But look closer, from the side, and you’ll them providing room for a display of odds and ends. The wood ledges are as much a storage space as a design element for this clean-cut home.

Design: Authors • Interior & Styling

2. The sides of this built-in wardrobe were infused with open pigeon-holes that function as a space-saving nightstand since they don’t take up any extra floor estate. Power outlets were built into it for extra functionality and to conceal them from view.

Design: Charlotte’s Carpentry

3. A large pegboard wall is a great way to introduce vertical storage in a small space. They are incredibly modular and versatile—fit in shelves, rods or hooks and as many as you want. It will also evolve with your family and your changing needs.

Design: Hello Embryo

4. Rather than go for a conventional L-shaped kitchen layout, the designer opted to include a walk-in pantry that fits right into the corner of this small-sized cooking space. The result is a much larger storage room and bragging rights to guests!

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

5. Hung on an empty wall, a custom-made wire mesh wall grid helps to organise everyday tools in this kitchen, making them easy to reach for when needed. We love how adaptable this vertical storage idea is, as it accommodates utensils and wares of various heights and sizes neatly.

Design: Linear Space Concepts

6. In extreme cases, there might be a need to make use of every inch of wall space like in this study room, which has its walls completely covered in bookshelves, save for a strip against the window to let in daylight. But even there it doubles as a storage display platform.

Design: Box.ID Studio

7. Jutting out from walls, wall hooks aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing vertical storage idea around. But these ones are! Custom-made to match the wall, the hooks can be folded back to the wall when not in used so that they won’t interfere with day-to-day movement.

Design: Proj. B Studio

8. Full-height open shelves demarcate the service yard from the kitchen whilst lending extra vertical storage room. They are see-through, which helps to ensure light and air can still pass through easily. Use them to store extra pots and pans or laundry essentials.

Design: Starry Homestead

9. Not one to make an empty space go to waste, a photography enthusiast turned the bottom of his stairs in his HDB maisonette into a display storage space for his cameras and lenses. Covered in glass panels and in-built with warm lighting, the area now makes a stunning visual statement in the home.

Design: The 80’s Studio

10. Shower recessed niches provide greater visual depth, which makes them a suitable choice for smaller bathrooms. The designer went for a recessed niche, but incorporated terrazzo ledges for that added visual pop. The pattern mirrors that of the vanity counter, drawing similarities to both zones in the bathroom.

Design: The Scientist

11. This bomb shelter doubles as a shoe storage facility. In order to store the copious amount of heels, sneakers and plimsolls, the designer went for double-layered pull-out racks rather than line the shoe shelving against the wall.

Design: The Association

12. A recessed wall niche was crafted to accommodate a home bar, where shelves provide display for the wine glasses, slots provide room for wine bottles and a space is set aside for the chiller.

Design: The Scientist

13. Walls surrounding the room were hacked away and replaced with glass display cabinets, complete with LED lights to better showcase the homeowner’s toy collection.

Design: The Interior Lab


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