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15 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Hotel!

End of 2018 is coming! Currently, it is the most popular season to go for a short year end holidays or a simple  hotel Staycation! If you are someone who longs for a quiet time in a relaxed, luxurious hotel at the comfort of your own home, you are not alone! Yup, you can actually easily replicate such an exquisite luxurious getaway experience. So, here is how you can inject a little luxurious magic in your humble abode…

Start with Your Living Room…

Image from Urzadzamy

1. Add Inches to Ceiling with Full-Length Curtains
Hotel rooms with a high ceiling make the room look more spacious. Which is why this is the much sought after look by the interior designers. A simple trick to create an illusion of a higher ceiling is to install curtain rails right at the top end of the ceiling.

Image from Simplyfutbol

2. Tailor Made Drapery
Channel the vibe of chic sophistication in the room with tailored, made to measure dreamy day and thick night-out drapery that are hung on double track curtain rails. Shy away from ready-made window draperies and expandable curtain rods since they cheapen the look of a room.

Design: Zoubi

3. Pay Attention to Bespoke Details
Bespoke items such as art pieces and paintings can make a living room more hospitable.

Image from Pinterest

4. The Chandelier, the Jewelry of Architecture
Chandeliers are the jewelry of architecture and therefore, they are an excellent choice for dramatic light fixture and a sure fire way to add glamour. For smaller apartments, such as 3 or 4 room HDB units, they can consider using mini Chandeliers which are of shorter length and size.

Image from Pinterest

5. Keep Things Out of Sight
Tidy is the new chic!
No matter how well a room is well renovated and decorated, a dishevelled place will take away the glam factor. Hence, create ample storage to hide away the mundane and irrelevant stuffs, such as outdated newspapers and tired looking work bags, that do not accent your living room design. In this way, you can keep the place pristine clean and tidy easily.

Designer: Design 4 Space

Unwind in the Glorious Bedroom…

Image from Pinterest

1. Make a Statement with an Oversized Headboard
An eye-catching, over-sized headboard instantly makes a room looks more opulent and grandeur, which is why this is a favourite design tactic among many hoteliers.

Image from Contemporist

2. Starfish and Slumber in a King Sized Bed
A spacious king-sized bed, for heaps and layers of fluffy pillows and pushy throws, is almost synonymous with hotel suites. Aside from the size, you can enjoy the same deluxe comfort by choosing the mattress brands which are used by the hotel chains around the world.

Image from Instagram

3.  Stay Plush with Layers of Lush Comfort
Layering the mattress with pushy pillows, duvet and coverlet help to recreate that luxurious hotel bedroom look. Furthermore, outfit the pillows with stylish casings to make them as accent pieces that pull the entire interior space together.

Image from Instagram

4. Invest in a Four poster bed
To instantly transform your bedroom from sleepy to sexy romantic, dress up the four poster bed with bed tassels to make a design statement and instantaneously elevate the room.

Image from Pinterest

5. Get Glamorous with a Bed-end Bench
To reproduce the luxurious bedrooms commonly found in high-end hotel, add a glamorous bed-end bench at the foot of your bed, like what most ritzy hotel suite do. Get your renovation professionals custom make a narrow storage bench if your bedroom is space challenged.

Image from Style me pretty

Treat yourself to tranquillity with a Spa-like Luxurious Bathroom

Image from Instagram

1. Steep in Opulence with a Free-standing Bathtub
Even if your bathroom is well renovated, a large, free-standing bathtub instantly ups the level of the opulence and comfort of your private sanctuary. For those who are living in the HDB apartments, you can find some HDB friendly bathtubs here!

Image from Instagram

2. Bedazzle with Marble
Since marble is usually associated with the elegant Roman and Greek statues and temples, using marble will create an oasis of grand atmosphere. This is why most of the lavish hoteliers will incorporate marble as much as possible in their design. However, if marble walls and floor are too much for you, you can consider marble fixtures such as a marble basin to bring another dimension of luxury to your bathroom.

Image from

3. Right Lightning Matter!
Lighting is key since the right kind of lighting, in either warm or cool, is needed to create the different moods. Therefore, the hotel bedrooms are usually fitted with different forms of lighting in the form of the wall sconces, overhead and recessing mirror lights. Remember to use task lighting for the vanity counter and recessing lighting behind the mirror to eliminate the shadows and an overhead lighting to fully illuminate the shower area.

Image from Pinterest

4. Bring Nature into the Bathroom
Transform your bathroom aesthetic, from “meh” to “wow” with nature foliage that creates a serene and spa-like ambience.  By bringing in the succulents, the bathroom offers an escape from everyday stresses! Hence, strategically placed indoor tropical plants such as ivy and luscious ferns are suitable for damp environments and inject life and vitality to an otherwise dull and lifeless space.

Image from Pinterest

5. Indulge in Water Enjoyment with Lamp Shade Rain Shower
 Treat yourself to some relaxation and engage in some lavish water indulgence with the Lamp Shade rain shower to soothe tired muscles. Yup! Aside from the lighting, the Lamp Shade also doubles as a quasi-rain shower too! Get them from AXOR.

Image from Dreamdesign


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