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18 Spaces Your Children Will Love

All parents want their children to be happy. The house is a place the average child grows up in, so as you’re busy planning for a walk-in wardrobe or an open concept kitchen, keep in mind that you should take your kids into account as well. As parents, you probably already know full well that your children deserve to enjoy beautiful surroundings, too. Simple things that resonate with the little ones include colours, shapes, and most importantly, cartoons. Take a look at this list of ideas we’ve put together to see how you can incorporate the elements mentioned.

Cabinets, Displays, And Shelves Full Of Stuff They Love





For most children, seeing shelves packed with toys is one of the best feelings ever. We’ve all been there before and we know it. Whether it’s their favourite stuffed toy collection or figurines they can take out for hours of fun during playtime, your children will most probably love such a setup. This might even act as a form of encouragement for them to put their toys back where they belong.

Interior Designers: DISTINCTidENTITY, Inspire ID Group, The Scientist


Decked Walls




How do you bring your kids’ imagination to the next level? By decorating your walls from ceiling to floor like so! Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to plaster wallpaper all over the living room if you’re afraid it’ll affect the overall theme. You could do it only for the kids’ room so it’s something special only they can experience.

Credits: Pinterest,,


Fancy And Fun






Special features such as a mini slide attached to the double-decker bed, interesting quotes painted onto the wall, or even adorable character clocks help give your child’s room a little more character.

Interior Designers: iPoise Interior Design, Inzz Studio, Habitat One Concepts, DISTINCTidENTITY, Hue Concept


Princesses And Pink




We’ve all witnessed the lasting effect of Disney princess films, from kids dressed up as Elsa and Anna for school costume parties to schoolbags, pencil cases, and a whole variety of merchandise and accessories. You little ones would pepper you with a million kisses if you added the same magic touch to their rooms.

Interior Designers: Design 4 Space, AC Vision Design, Next Door ID


Random Surprises



It could be a totally random set of Sesame Street plush toys or a Hello Kitty sitting in a corner. These little components have great potential in making your kid’s day.

Interior Designers: DISTINCTidENTITY, Lux Design

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