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5 compelling ways to add zing to your house

What many homeowners of newer properties are facing is the lack of space that the older generation houses have.

For many new homeowners, it is already a disappointment to live in such a small house but to have an even smaller house after the decorations and furniture have been fully placed is beyond imagination. Are you facing the same problem? Here are several ways on how you are able to add vibrancy and energy into your home without adding anything into your home.


Use colours to make it pop

Applying colours on your wall is the easiest and simplest way to create a vibrant room without having the need to add any furniture. Just having a pop of colour on your walls immediately brightens up your house, easily lifting up your mood and making you feel happier just upon entering.

An accent colour is meant to create depth and interest into your home without being too overwhelming.

Interior Designer: 9 Creation

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design

With just one or two accent colours, you are able to create a subtle and soft change in your house.

If a big and obvious change is what you desire, don’t be afraid to spice it up with colours. Having a wall comprising of multiple colours can result in a daring and admirable appearance.

Colouring your walls up can be done in so many different ways, such as decals or with wooden planks. It is the easiest and fastest way to subtlety or drastically switches up the vibe of your house and with its versatility, you will be able to achieve your desired.


Choose cushions with contrasting colours from the sofa

Sofa cushions do not necessarily have to blend in with the sofa but rather, it standouts on their own. Having your sofa cushions act as another layer of decorative element provides a subtle spot of colour without being too bold.

Interior Designer: Cozy Ideas

Interior Designer: Lux Design

With both a dark and bright colour theme, having mismatched brightly coloured cushions will definitely grab your attention the moment it is within your view. It is one of the easiest method to switch up whenever you get bored of it, simply by changing the cushion case.


Light and sheer curtains will give a sense of space to the room

Having a light curtain, not in terms of weight but colour and sheerness, plays an important role in the interior decor of your house. It is the primary element that either allows or prevents natural light from entering your house, and you know that lighting plays a big part for interior designing. Having such a curtain provides the house with natural light, brightening up the room.

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design

Coloured sheer curtains is a good idea as it vividly shows its colour, instantly adding a big area of colour to the room.

Interior Designer: D’Atlaz Interior

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design

If such an idea of a light and sheer curtain is simply too bright for you, get a block out curtain on top of it. When the sun isn’t shining too brightly, block it gently with your sheer curtain but if it is simply too bright or glaring for your liking, go ahead and draw in your block out curtains. You’ve got the best of both worlds.


Having all the furniture in one colour looks united but having a mix gives the room a pop

It is quite a common habit to match up all your furniture in your living room and probably your dining room as well but having everything looking so coordinated can be a tad boring. The newer way of styling your house would be using mismatched furniture, but be sure to choose furniture that would compliment each other.

Interior Designer: Boon Huat Interior Design

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space

Interior Designer: I-Chapter

Having mismatched furniture will definitely take some courage as it has a bold language all by itself. Unlike settling for matching furniture, there isn’t a base for you to work around as it will only result in accidentally matching, the opposite of what you are going for. But when it works, the result will be undeniably breathtaking.


Have a main piece of furniture that is quirky.

Your living room is one of the most important room in your house as it makes most contact with both guests and family members. Having one of your necessary main furniture be quirky, something different and yet pleasing, will definitely liven up your room without the need of mundane decorative elements.

Interior Designer: Azcendant

Interior Designer: Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

Interior Designer: DB Studio

 Quirkiness can come in many different terms, be it shape, colour or style. It will be best to keep the uniqueness of it to a minimum by not introducing too many of such furniture into your home as it will end up looking messy and over cluttered.

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