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5 Types of Home Fragrance Devices and How To Use Them Right!

Commercial retailers such as Victoria’s Secret depend on fragrance to reinforce their brand identity. Similarly for home interiors, a good scent completes and breathes life into a tastefully designed abode. In fact, home fragrance has long proven to be a simple, yet effective way to enhance the aesthetics of a space. It helps to set the right mood in the room and studies have also shown that the sense of smell has a powerful impact on mood, stress and working capacity!

Do you know?
Home fragrance is the most overlooked final touch for home interiors. Most homeowners are also unaware of the wide range of home fragrance choices available for them to embark on their sensory journey.

#1. Scented Candles

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Large variety available: Yes
A vast diversity of scented candles is available and the choices range from the commercial ones (e.g Bath Body Works and Yankee Candles) to the personalized DIY scented candles. Unlike the commercial made scented candles, you can personalize the size, scent and colours of the DIY scented candles.

Scent Concentrate Control: Poor
A scented candle needs to burn for at least an hour for the candle wax to melt thoroughly. This allows the scent to evaporate fully too. Furthermore, cheap scented candles made of poorer quality wax will take a longer time for the scent to evaporate.

Mobility: Poor
The major drawback of using scented candles is that they need to be placed in secured locations. Scented candles must be placed away from wind and away from the reach of young children and pets.

Recommended for…
Setting the romantic mood with soft music and wine.

If you are in a rush to get the room ready before your guests arrive, you should use an electronic scent diffuser or a room spray as a quick fix before the scented candles are ready. Better quality scented candles are made from soy or beeswax. Inferior quality scented candles are made of cheaper paraffin or petroleum byproducts. Remember to check that the wick does not contain any lead

Do you know?
The fragrance of the essential oil, which is the secret to most home fragrance products,  depends on the 3 factors; having the right type of scent, dispersed in the right concentrate, in the right place at the right time. These factors help to ensure that the scent is more harmonious rather than overwhelming.

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#2. Electric Fragrance Diffusers

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Large variety available: Yes
The electronic fragrance diffuser works by heating the essential oil until it evaporates and releases the scent into the air. The scent diffusers come in all types of shapes and sizes. There is also a rich variety of essential oils available that could be used with the electronic fragrance diffuser.

Scent Concentrate Control: Good
The electronic fragrance diffuser takes only 5-10 mins to completely heat up the essential oil. Depending on the type of essential oil, thicker oils such as Sandalwood might take a longer time to heat up and release the scent.

Mobility: Good
Electric fragrance diffusers need to be near wall plugs in order to function. Nevertheless, they do not need to be kept away from windows.

Recommended for…
Homeowners with young children and pets. They are also more efficient to diffuse scent of thicker essential oils such as Sandalwood and Patchouli.

Electronic fragrance diffuser usually multi-functions as a mini humidifier or a night light. Ultrasonic fragrance diffuser, which uses water and ultrasonic waves to diffuse the essential oils, and  Nebulizers fragrance diffuser, which breaks the essential oil down into molecules prior dispersing, are also available too.

Do you know?
Home fragrances are increasingly delivered by hi-tech devices!

#3. Essential Oil Burners

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Large variety available: Yes
Similar to the electronic fragrance diffusers, the essential oil burners work by heating the essential oil with tea-lights or candles until the scent is released into the air. The essential oil burners come in a wide variety of materials, shapes and designs.

Scent Concentrate Control: Fair
Depending on the tea-lights or candles used, the essential oil burners take 10-15 mins to completely diffuse the scent.

Mobility: Fair
Similar to the scented candles, the essential oil burners need to be placed away from wind and away from the reach of young children and pets. The tea-lights or candles have to be monitored and continuously replaced.

Recommended for…
Homeowners without young children and pets. They are also more effective to diffuse scent of thicker essential oils such as Sandalwood and Patchouli. The essential oil burners are generally safer than the scented candles and do not require electricity or batteries.

The essential oil burner is a cheaper option than the fragrance diffuser. It is also a popular alternative to scented candles.

Do you know?
“The origin of perfume is commonly attributed to the ancient Egyptians. They utilized scents to celebrate prayers and religious ceremony by burning essential oils, resin, and perfumed unguents.”

Image from Homystyle

#4. Fragrance Reed Diffusers

Image from Marks and Spencer

Large variety available: Fair
The fragrance reed diffusers are one of the most easily DIY home fragrance projects. The fragrance reed diffusers deliver fragrance through a straightforward wick system; the porous, wooden reeds draw the essential oil from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the reeds. As the essential oil seeps through the reeds, the scent is released as it evaporates.

Scent Concentrate Control: Poor
Fragrance reed diffusers usually take around an hour to completely diffuse the essential oil through evaporation.

Mobility: Excellent
They can be placed anywhere in the home and works without any heat, electricity or batteries.

Recommended for…
Fragrance reed diffusers inject home fragrance without the use of heat or electricity in small rooms such as the bathrooms and powder rooms.

High-quality rattan reeds permit essential oil to be drawn up more efficiently and ensures that the fragrance is dispersed in a consistent manner. Read how to choose quality reeds here.

Do you know?
The efficiency of the fragrance reed diffuser depends heavily on the quality of the reed diffuser used. Poor quality reeds are not very porous and get clogged easily. To ensure that the pores are not clogged, flip them every week. 

#5. Home Fragrance Sprays

Image from The White Company

Large variety available: Poor
Home fragrance sprays are available in either glass bottles or plastic cans. Since they are not meant for decorative purposes, they usually do not come in fancy designs.

Scent Concentrate Control: Excellent
Similar to perfume sprays, home fragrance sprays act on target areas. Hence, they are extremely effective in removing undesirable smells. The strength of the scent is easily controlled by number of sprays.

Mobility: Excellent
Home fragrance sprays work in virtually any area of the house! They are kept in the cabinets after use.

Recommended for…
Home fragrance sprays are the quickest ways to make any room smell fantastic! They refresh up stuffy rooms or cover up unpleasant bathroom smells instantly. They are also suitable for minimalist homeowners who wish to keep their home interior elements to the minimum.

Layer the home fragrance scents strategically by choosing complementary scents. In this way, the home fragrance sprays can complement the home fragrance devices which take a longer time to be ready. For instance, use the home fragrance sprays as a quick fix first before the essential oil burner is ready.

Do you know?
If you intend to use the layer the scents, you should choose the home fragrance sprays from the same brand as the other home fragrance products. This helps to ensure that the scent is consistent.

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