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6 Simple Ways to Add an Elegant Touch to Your Bathroom

Do you covet the elegant look of bathrooms in luxury hotels? Do you look at your drab bathroom with disdain? If you’re looking to elevate your bathroom design into a fabulous sanctuary just like the ones you’ve seen, here are some tips:

1. Install A Walk-In Glass Shower

Are you one of those people who likes sitting in the bath while candles burn around you? If not, it’s time to throw your tub away. A plus, if you also take showers every day. To elevate the look, consider getting a walk-in glass shower. Shower curtains aren’t a good choice since it’s fester yeast and fungus in a humid environment like the bathroom.

2. Hang A Work of Art On the Wall

One of the easiest ways to add style to your bathroom is by hanging a painting on the wall. And it’s incredibly affordable: ten bucks can get you a painting that looks like it’s done by Picasso! Don’t buy anything too expensive and you’ll be able to replace a new one regularly so you will always have a new look in your bathroom.

3. Fill Your Bathroom with Plants

The majority of people love spending time in nature. There is something soothing about staring at beautiful flowers. You don’t need to leave them outside in the garden. Add a few to your bathroom and it will look a lot more stylish. Choose the right ones that don’t require too much maintenance or sunlight. Or you can use artificial plants too.

4. You Can Paint More Than Your Walls

You aren’t limited to the walls when it’s time to give your bathroom a touch of paint. Wooden shelves and racks or even vanity cabinets in the bathroom can benefit from a new lick of paint.

5. Adjusting The Brightness Of The Room

Installing a dimmer switch might seem like an indulgence. But it’s a worthy investment to transform how your bathroom looks in seconds! You can turn it up or down depending on your mood. Invest in a new lighting fixture too. If you can afford a large chandelier, it will look incredible.

6. It’s Time To Add A New Sink

When you’re washing your hands in fancy bathrooms the sink is always deep. If you really want your bathroom to look classy, deep sinks are a good option to have. His-and-hers sinks are also popular in hotel bathrooms, and if you can afford the space in your own sanctuary, it’s a great look with added benefits – you won’t need to share sink space with your partner!


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