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6 Top Reasons Why Your Dryer Is Unable To Last Until Its Life Span

Do You Know?
The average lifespan of a clothes dryer is typically around 10-13 years!

Although the clothes dryer is the laundry room staple, it is still one of the most overlooked kitchen workhorses since it is one of the simplest kitchen appliances. Hence, most people did not realize that the clothes dryers also need proper maintenance and care. As a consequence, most of the clothes dryers are unable to last beyond 5 years.

Here are the top 6 reasons why your dryer is unable to last until its lifespan.

#1. Allow lint to build up over time

Drying of the clothes produces lint, which must be cleared regularly to avoid the quality of the dryer and its performance from being degraded. This is because lint built-up will block and impede the airflow and the blockage will stress on the dryer motor and this increases the chances of the dryer motor burn out.

How the lint built up looks like
Image from Yelp

 What this means to you?
Make sure that the lint trap is cleared of lint every time before every a load of clothes. This helps to ensure that the airflow is not obstructed. Wash the lint screen thoroughly too to prevent residue build up. Remove and use a soft brush to wash the lint trap and lint screen with a diluted detergent at least once a year to rid of the remaining lint trapped in the holes. In addition, remember to clean the exhaust vent or duct at least bi-annually.

#2. Drying the wrong items

Although the function of the clothes dryer is very simple; which is to dry clothes, there are still items that should not be used with the clothes dryer. These include items that contain material which could not withstand the high heat and would shrink, warp, lose its elasticity or shape or break down. This is because usage of such items might stress the dryer motor and cause overheating. Furthermore, materials such as plastic, rubber and foam materials are more dangerous since they might cause fires.

Image from Reader Digest

What this means to you?
Avoid putting the following items in the dryer; bras, swimming suits, tights, rubber-backed mats, PVC and leather items. Always check the material care label instructions to ensure that they can be used with the dryer.

#3. Not ensuring that the dryer is energy efficient

When the dryer is not energy efficient, it will waste energy and keep working long after the clothes are dry. This shortens the lifespan of the dryer since it has been working much longer and harder than necessary.

Moisture sensors in a dryer
Image from Consumer Reports

What this means to you?
Most dryers are programmed to run automatic drying cycles with the moisture sensors.  The moisture sensors monitor the dampness of the laundry and will program to stop the dryer when the clothes have been dried so that the dryer is energy efficient. Hence,  you have to clean the moisture sensors inside the drum regularly to make sure that the dryer stops working soon after the clothes have been dried. Use a lint free rag soaked with alcohol and wipe the moisture sensor sensors to remove any residue.

#4. Putting soiled clothes in the dryer

In order to keep the interior of the dryer as clean as possible, Placing soiled items in the dryer will leave dirt and other undesirable deposits in the dryer tumbler. They will clog and damage parts of the dryer tumbler.

Image from Corporate Compliance Insights

What this means to you?
Ensure that only clothes which have been thoroughly washed are allowed to be used in the dryer.

#5. Ignore the state of the dryer vents

The state of the dryer vent could impact the efficiency of the dryer. If the dryer vent is damaged, it will not function efficiently and allows hot air and moisture to leak. If the dryer vent is clogged by the lint, it will not allow hot air to flow. Both of these situations will cause the dryer to work harder than normal, causing it to overwork and overheat overtime.

Left picture shows a clogged up dryer vent, the right picture shows how a normal dryer vent should look like
Image from Advanced Air Quality

What this means to you?
Always keep a lookout for leaks by checking the state of the dryer vent. Get the leaky dryer vent replaced as soon as possible. Get the PVC vent replaced with metal ones since it is more lasting.

#6. Overloading the dryer

A clothes dryer which is overloaded with clothes will cause the dryer to work harder than usual. In addition, overloading the dryer constantly will eventually result the dryer to overheat and even damage once it burns out. Furthermore, the poor airflow in the dryer might lead to a fire. Also, if the clothes didn’t dry completely, the laundry dryer will have a musty smell.

Image from Early Times Home Solutions

What this means to you?
Never overload the dryer in order to save money and energy. To ensure that the dryer is not overloaded, check that the laundry is able to move freely inside the dryer.


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