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7 Layout Configurations for a Small BTO Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms in the new BTOs are tragically small, but they don’t have to be restricted in terms of layout and design. We played interior designer for a day to show you how you can work in your lifestyle and needs into your tiny bedroom so you can get a better idea of what fits and what doesn’t.

We used the measurements of a typical master bedroom in a 4-room BTO flat. You’ll have to make adjustments if your bedroom is smaller, bigger or differently shaped. But these should serve as a good guideline. In all layouts, we made sure each could fit at least a queen-sized bed (150×190 cm) and a wardrobe. We added 10 cm to the width and length of the beds to accommodate a potential bed frame.

1. The essentials

What you’ll get: 1 queen-sized, 2 bedside tables, 1 three-door wardrobe

In this conventional layout, you will get the main essentials found in a bedroom. The furniture is arranged in an L-shaped, creating an open, welcoming environment. For bedside tables, go with a width of around 50 cm (or less) so as to allow for enough clearance for the wardrobe doors as well as enough space to get out of the bed comfortably on both sides.

Position your bed on the other side of the wall (the shorter length) if you prefer wider bedside tables

Design: VOILÀ

2. L-shaped wardrobe

What you’ll get: 1 queen-sized bed, 1-L-shaped wardrobe (two doors on each side)

Relegating the bed to a corner might not be ideal for some, but in this layout, you’ll be getting additional wardrobe storage (a total of 4 doors at 60 cm each). You could use the extra closet space and turn it into a dressing area. In this configuration, there isn’t much room for anything else unfortunately.

Incorporate a dressing table within your wardrobe without taking up extra floor estate.

Design: Metier Planner

3. Lots of wardrobe storage

What you’ll get: 1 queen-sized bed, 1 sliding door wardrobe

For the storage-deprived, here’s a layout for you. Run your wardrobe the entire length of a wall. In a 4-room master bedroom, your wardrobe length can reach up to 405 cm! Your bed is unfortunately consigned to the corner of the room. To ensure that there’s room to walk and get down from the bed, you will have to choose sliding doors for your closet. Or you can go for a mix of sliding and hinged doors. Hinged doors can work in the area where there is no bed blocking the wardrobe clearance. The clearance between the bed and the wardrobe is approximately 54 cm in a 4-room BTO, which is a decent amount. Anything smaller than 40 cm though, and you might have to reconsider going for this layout.

Make sure there’s enough room between your wardrobe and bed when going for this layout.

Design: Design Chapterz

4. Study and sleep

What you’ll get: 1 queen-sized bed, 1 three-door wardrobe, 1 study table

If you need to have a workstation within your bedroom, here’s one configuration to consider. In this layout, the back of your bed is flush to the side of your desk. Your bed will be facing the windows. Take note of that space clearance between your wardrobe and your desk; it should be more than 60 cm to accommodate for your chair and the wardrobe door.

Full-height shelves accommodate extra storage and provide privacy between the sleeping area and the workstation.

Design: Earth Interior Design

5. Walk-in wardrobe

What you’ll get: 1 queen-sized bed, 1 dressing table, 1 walk-in wardrobe

Always wanted a walk-in wardrobe but can’t afford to sacrifice an entire room? Go for this instead. The bed is couched against the back of the wardrobe, essentially separating the wardrobe area from the sleeping zone so you can an exclusive feel. If you need a dressing table, you can afford to do so here. Alternatively, you can choose to incorporate an L-shaped wardrobe instead.

An open wardrobe design means you won’t need extra space clearance for doors.

Design: Design 4 Space

6. King-sized

What you’ll get: 1 king-sized bed, 1 L-shaped, 1 three-door wardrobe

Need a bigger bed? Upsize to a king-sized. You can choose to incorporate bedside tables if you need them or do without them if you want an airier room. For closet, you’ll get at least an L-shaped wardrobe with a total of three doors.

Slim nightstands integrated with the headboard are an ingenious bedside table idea.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

7. Elevated living

What you’ll get: 1 king-sized platform bed, 1 four-door wardrobe

If the layout before doesn’t provide quite enough storage for you, have your king-sized bed sit above a platform, which you can use to incorporate more drawers. Move the elevated bed to the corner so you can take advantage of the views from the window. With that move, you can go for a larger wardrobe with a total of four doors as well.

The platform brings your bed closer to the view of the window and helps to segregate between the wardrobe area and the bed.

Design: DistinctIdentity


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