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9 Calming and Soothing Homes in Singapore You Will Feel Completely Relaxed In

Om… Can you feel that? That is the feeling of peace. Achieved through a calming and soothing home in which you can relax, recharge and rejuvenate. With our harried lives, most of us want nothing more than coming home to an oasis of calm. To help you design your own sanctuary, we bring you inspiration from some of the most tranquil spaces in Singapore:


1. Japanese Zen

Nothing says calming and soothing like a Zen-inspired space. Awash in light wood tones and a soft white palette, this BTO flat is the very essence of calm. Further contributing to this tranquil environment is the step-up platform in the living room, decked out in cosy zabuton cushions, where occupants can relax with a cup of tea. A shoji screen serves as an appropriate backdrop.

Location: Ang Mo Kio
Design: Weiken


2. Cool Coastal Vibes

The perfect antidote to the daily grind? A seaside holiday. But there’s no need to pack your bags when you can get the same effect by staying at a coastal-themed home like this one. This apartment takes its inspiration from the oceans, the beach and the sunny skies. Featuring weathered finishes, blue accents and beach house décor, the home presents a casual, easy-going vibe that you will feel completely relaxed in.

Location: Jalan Loyang Besar
Design: Schemacraft Interiors


3. Bright and Breezy

Light, airy interiors are the best calming and soothing homes. Plenty of open spaces coupled with generous daylight and ventilation give us the much needed “breathing room” from the constant buzz happening in our lives. In this HDB flat, built-ins, from the wardrobe in the bedroom to the shelves in the kitchen and the bookshelves in the living room, are open, which contribute further to this home’s sense of airiness. A genial grey, blue-grey palette soothes the senses.

Location: Sumang Lane
Design: Adroit ID


4. Minimal Mode

Marie Kondo-ing your lives may be the key to a calming and soothing home. But if you can’t bear to part with your possessions, here’s the alternative: Hide the clutter behind built-ins that are flush with the walls. In this minimalist home, stuff gets hidden in storage spaces situated behind the wood-clad walls, leaving the space devoid of any sort of clutter to create an almost monastic quality.

Location: Potong Pasir
Design: FOMA Architects


5. Boho Feels

With its heavy melange of colours, décor, patterns and layers, the bohemian and eclectic vibe might seem to contradict the soothing feels you’re after. On the contrary, it is a great way to invite a relaxing mood to your space thanks to its informal, free-spirit attitude. Deck out your space with your favourite things, comfortable, cosy decor and you’ll want to come home every day to your apartment.

Location: Pasir Ris
Design: Free Space Intent


6. Verdant Greenery

It’s official: plants make you feel better. And it’s also widely known that the colour green, which is the colour of most plants, are calming and soothing to your senses. So get that greenery in your home ASAP. In this apartment, the palette of white and wood with occasional blue accents lends a natural and neutral background for the plants to shine.

Location: Commonwealth
Design: Hello Embryo


7. Cosy Studio

This condominium may be small, but its tone-on-tone palette and clever use of space make it an oasis of calm so the home doesn’t feel cramped at all. The living room and bedroom sit in an open-plan area. Screens can be pulled down from the ceiling to surround the sleeping quarters for privacy. In order to create the sense of a larger space, the designer went with a soothing, low-key colour scheme of creams, wood and greys.

Location: Elias Road
Design: Space Atelier


8. Dark and Brooding

We don’t usually relate dark colour schemes with being calming and soothing, but they can create a cosy effect and is a great choice particularly for bedrooms where you want to promote sleep. In this small apartment, black is splashed out on the walls with concrete screed surfaces serving as a visual break. The addition of plants, warm leather and various décor creates a homey, lived-in vibe.

Location: Sumang Walk
Design: Authors • Interior & Styling


9. Au Natural

Associations with nature is another way to create a calming and soothing home. Invite them through the surfaces of your space. In this condominium, stone-like flooring, wood walls, marble counters and rattan light fixtures bring in the sense of nature indoors.

Location: Tampines
Design: Wee Studio


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