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8 Beautifully Textured Kitchen Cabinets that You Will Fall in Love With

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, forget plain and simple. These gorgeous ones come with fronts featuring all the textural interest—whether visually or tangibly—to keep things interesting in your cooking space.

1. A Case of Rattan

Not only do the rattan insets add a rustic accent to this contemporary kitchen, they also promote air flow and ventilation, perfect for storing pantry staples that don’t need refrigeration.

Design: The Interior Lab

2. The Warmth of Real Wood

The homeowners used recycled wood to construct their own kitchen from scratch. It lends a charming, unfinished quality to the space, which is difficult to recreate from the more polished finishes of laminates.

Design: Aaron Wong

3. Translucent Glass

If you’ve always wanted to see where everything is in your kitchen cabinets, consider going for glass. To hide the clutter and mess, opt for semi-see-through ones. Glass kitchen cabinets are best for uppers as they tend to be more delicate.

Design: Artistroom

4. Shaking Things Up with Shaker Style

Shaker style cabinets are taking over kitchens everywhere. Panels are slightly recessed, creating a textural quality that is subtle and timeless. Their aesthetic versatility and simple, fuss-free design mean they can work with all sorts of interior design style, from contemporary kitchens to the modern farmhouse look.

Design: DB Studio

5. Mirror, Mirror

Small kitchen? Dark kitchen? Consider adding mirror kitchen cabinets! Their reflective quality brightens up a moody ambience and can make a small space seem bigger. Place them in your upper kitchen cabinets to create the impression of a taller cooking space.

Design: Linear Space Concepts

6. The Writing’s on the Wall

Whether it’s to write down the menu for the day or to keep track of what’s in the fridge, chalkboard cabinets can be super useful. The cabinets in this dry kitchen are used for doodling and to add personality to the space. Use magnetic chalkboard paint so that you can also stick notes and reminders.

Design: Z L Construction

7. Industrial Leanings

Chicken wires used to be the purview of chicken coops. Nowadays though, they are seen everywhere from photo frames to sconces to kitchen cabinets. They are great for the rustic, barn house look or an industrial style.

Design: DistinctIdentity

8. Recessed Panelling

Here’s a more ornate style for the modern Victorian or traditional kitchen. Panels are recessed, like the Shaker style, but they feature more grooves and detailing, lending a more ostentatious look. Pair your cabinets with gilded hardware and you’ve got a kitchen that says luxury.

Design: The Scientist

Are you Team Plain or Team Texture? Let us know in the comments!


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