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10 Bedroom Renovation Must-Knows for Every Homeowner

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1. Maximize Storage

Image from Instagram

Storage baskets are the most economical and versatile way to keep a size-challenged bedroom organised and neat.

2.  Light up the Wardrobe

Image from All About Lighting

Installation of LED lighting in the wardrobe will help to make it easier for you to find and reach for the wardrobe items in the darkness. Go for motion sensor LED lighting for ease of use and save electricity costs.

3. Mobile Solution on Wheels

Image from Homeyohmy

A mobile trolley can double up as a versatile nightstand and it makes the bedroom easier to clean too. This is because you can easily push the mobile trolley about when need to vacuum the floor.

4. Best Window Treatment

SpaceDefine-St-Patrick-04Design: Space Define Interior

Sheer curtains allow ample natural light to filter through, while providing sufficient coverage to keep out the prying eyes. In addition, they are well suited for ceiling to floor treatment since they create a continuous illusion of height without blocking too much light.

5. Create the Illusion of Space

Image from Walltiles.arstyl

Although light colours are recommended to make small bedrooms look bright and breezy, avoid using stark white paint since it will make the bedroom look bland and boring. Aside from wall paint, creative wall treatments such as 3D wall panels and laminates will add interesting texture and personality to up the ante for your bedroom design.

6. Keep Power within Reach

Image from Pinterest

Instead of installing electrical sockets at the sides of your bed, you can consider using portable, integrated bedside lamp charging stations which come equipped with electrical and even USB outlets too. Such an integrated solution helps to save space in a small bedroom.

7. Bring the Outdoors In

Image from Kateryna Senko

Live houseplants help to purify the air and keep it fresh from harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and ethyl chloride. Low-maintenance plants such as Peace Lilly and Aloe Vera thrive in diffused light and little water. Therefore, they are very suitable for bedrooms.

8. Headboard pulls Dual Duty

Image from Home-designing

Aside from upholstering the bed headboard with suede, leather and flax linen to match the bed with the rest of the furnishings, it can also multi-function as a storage too.  The bed headboard usually stores items such as extra pillows, bed-sheets or blankets so that they are within reach.

9. Multi-functional for Maximum Efficiency

Design: MMJ Design Loft

Having a multi-purpose, space-saving furniture helps to maximize the limited bedroom space. Although the storage bed drawers are easier to use, they have smaller capacity. In addition, the top access storage bed frames should come fitted with sturdy, adjustable gas lift hydraulics with at least 5 years of warranty.

10. Bedroom Sofa for Extra Comfort

Image from The interiors addict

The biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed frame, followed by the bedroom sofa, which should be placed away from the traffic flow and out of the walkway. Furthermore, the scale and proportion of the sofa should complement with the existing scale of the other furniture in the bedroom too.


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