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8 Bright and Airy Singapore Homes that are NOT Scandinavian

We love the Scandinavian style for its clean and functional aesthetic, light colours, and bright, open feel. But no matter how enduring the style, things can get a little trite after seeing one too many homes in the same theme.

If you’re looking to change things up yet still want to retain the best bits of the Scandi theme, we’ve put together a few homes that conjure up similar vibes with their open plans and light-filled spaces in a different style:


1. Industrial leanings

Industrial styles usually evoke a sort of visual “heaviness”, but there’s nothing of the sort in this apartment. Here, this home feels bright and open with crisp white walls serving as the backdrop to the industrial elements.

Clean white walls create a bright and open space.

A recessed bar shelf doubles as décor for the home.

The hallway is lighted up with exposed, globe-shaped bulbs.

The “dry” area of the bathroom.

The bedroom sits atop a platform; all the better to reach the windows and make the most of the daylight.

Design: The Scientist
Location: Amber Gardens


2. Beach house vibes

This home is decked out in knick-knacks and souvenirs lugged back from overseas trips. As a result, the space feels exceptionally homey and cosy. Most of the décor are things the homeowners have picked from their seaside holidays, which partly contributed to the decision to go with a coastal resort, Hamptons theme for the home.

Blurring of lines between the indoors and outdoors.

It was a conscious choice, since it also made the space seem lighter, airier and more relaxing. The light blue and rustic wood accents against a white background made sure the apartment didn’t feel constricted, since ventilation and view were partially blocked by the flight of stairs sitting in the middle of the home.

A flight of stairs sitting in the centre of the apartment hinders the ventilation and view somewhat. But they worked around it by keeping the rest of the home open and light.

A semi-open kitchen is made for entertaining.

Maximising the narrow confines of the cooking space with plenty of storage.

The bed comes with a rustic wood panelled headboard. It looks out into a rooftop area.

The coastal theme doesn’t stray in this light-filled bathroom either.

Design: Schemacraft Interiors
Location: Jalan Loyang Besar


3. Bare basics

Going the minimalist route is a great way to create an open and airy home because of the lack of visual (and physical) clutter. The homeowners opted for a neutral palette with cement screed flooring and white walls, while inky details complete the contemporary, chic look the designer was going for.

Sliding glass doors help to define the different areas in the home.

A section of the large living room was carved out for the balcony.

The lack of clutter in this apartment helps to create a sense of spaciousness.

The master en-suite is hidden behind a wood panelled feature.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio
Location: Hougang


4. Modern splendour

Blue and white is an elegant, classic colour combination that is gentle on the senses while making everything seem brighter and cleaner. There are varying shades of blue in this apartment, ranging from the navy blue dining chairs to the azure blue on the feature wall to the sky blue seat cushions in the balcony. Wood elements serve as a nice, warm contrast while the varying textures, including the use of plants, help to add visual interest.

The different shades of blue add a visual depth to this apartment.

The open kitchen features a structural pillar in the middle to hide the main activity area of the cooking space.

A white-framed glass sliding door separates the study from the bedroom. Light can still enter both spaces freely, without losing privacy.

Behind the glass door: the mirror panels on the wardrobe fronts reflect the daylight coming in from the window.

Design: The Design Abode
Location: Joo Chiat


5. Going with grey

Look up in this apartment and you will see its ceiling painted grey outlined with a black border. The contrast with the glossy white walls is what allows the home to appear larger than it really is. Grey accents can be found throughout this HDB flat, providing a very contemporary feel to the home.

The black-bordered grey ceiling ties in with the other black and grey elements in this home.

A small entranceway leads into a dedicated dining area and the bedroom.

The bedroom features a similar colour palette from the rest of the home, although warm lighting was used to create a cosier milieu.

Design: Akihaus
Location: Jellicoe Road


6. All-white sophistication

White walls are used here to play up to the architectural detailing in this home. They also provide the perfect canvas for the black accents as well as the luxe materials, such as the gorgeous black marble flooring, used throughout the space.

Wainscoting panels were installed along the walls to create a pop of dimension on the flat white surfaces.

The kitchen is bathed in even more daylight thanks to the large mirror panel facing the windows.

A feminine grey and pink palette softens the image of this bedroom.

Black and white takes centre stage in this modern bathroom.

Design: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Kellock Lodge


7. A touch of English

If you would like a spot of tea to go with your biscuits, there’s no better place to do it than in this modern English home. We love the wainscoting detailing that takes place throughout the home, including the TV feature wall, the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen island. Daylight is let in as much as possible, with glass dividers rather than concrete walls creating light-filled, open spaces.

Classic furniture pieces complement the modern English décor in this home.

White-framed, bi-fold glass doors keep the kitchen separate from the rest of the living room without obscuring light.

The bathroom also features plenty of glass walls for a light and airy feel.

A deep corner tub makes for a luxurious bath time.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior
Location: Pandan Valley


8. Pops of colour

A love for entertaining led the homeowners to position their dining area and open dry kitchen in the centre of the home. The living room is sequestered to a free room in the corner, separated only by a sliding glass door. They stuck with a white palette to brighten the space because the home didn’t receive much sunlight during the day. Cheery pops of colours help to give this HDB flat a much needed lift.

The entertaining zones hold a greater importance in this apartment.

Light cooking can be done in the dry kitchen area.

The wet kitchen is hidden behind a door, and is reserved for washing up and heavy Chinese cooking.

Two bedrooms were combined to create the large master suite that comes with an area for working and a walk-in wardrobe space.

Design: The 80’s Studio
Location: Rivervale Drive


Bright homes not your thing? Go bold with dark and moody interiors.


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