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Do You Have These 8 Types of Lighting at Home?

While you’re busy laying the groundwork for your new home or racking your brains for new decoration ideas, be sure to keep in mind that lighting is one of the most basic elements you need to consider. It is essential for practically everything, especially after the sun disappears below that horizon. Another thing to remember is that different rooms require different sorts of lighting. It might seem simple and straightforward but you’d be surprised at the number of people needing to squint their poor eyes in the hopes of finishing that last page of their favourite book because the study is too dim. We have therefore come up with a list of cheats that might very well save you from myopia.

Living Room


1. Recessed lighting
Close-to-ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and interior lamps These appliances are not only good for beautifying the place, but are also perfect sources of appropriate lighting for reading or playing games. The simple-looking rectangular ceiling light shown above fits in perfectly with the lucid theme whilst providing good lighting.

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design
Location: Yishun Residence

You can try:
ERNA Creme Brulee Ceiling Lamp by Screed


2. Track lighting
If you are attempting to make your room come alive by emphasising various art pieces or wall decor, try track lighting. They’re also helpful for when floor space is limited.

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design
Location: Blk 258C Punggol Field

You can try:
LED Tracklight Spotlight Pack by Screed

Dining Room


3. Chandelier / Pendant lighting
These great sources of lighting and can help set the mood for a wonderful dining experience, depending on the theme you’re going for.

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Design
Location: Nusajaya

You can try:
VILHELM Honeycomb Hanging Lamp by Screed



4. Fluorescent fixtures
Kitchens less than 100 square feet require a two lamp fluorescent, up to 250 square feet will require supplemental lighting. Down lights mounted off the edge of cabinets are an excellent way to create additional general lighting. (wikiHow)

Interior Designer: 9 Creation
Location: Fernvale Link

You can try:



5. Recessed down lights / Decorative surface-mounted fixtures
Add companion close-to-ceiling fixtures to supplement bath wall brackets in larger bathrooms. (wikiHow)

Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group
Location: 485 Segar Road

You can try:
BORJE Sleek Band Wall Lamp by Screed


6. Light points above/below bathroom mirrors
Because poorly lit mirrors are unable to give you a true reflection while you perform tasks like doing your hair or putting on make-up. With a light point above your bathroom mirror, you’ll be able to see clearer since most shadows are being eliminated.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Woodlands Street 82

You can try:
OSRAM Original LED Downlight 6.5W by Lightings Direct



7. Ceiling lights
Ceiling lights come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that aid you in turning your bedroom into an interesting space.

Interior Designer: Space Define Interior
Location: Punggol Central

You can try:
THORVALD Twinkle Twinkle Starry Tears Lamp by Screed


8. Table lamps / Night lights
You can easily make your bedroom shine with a table lamp. It is especially useful for children and people who need a soft, comfortable glow in the room at night. There is a huge array you can pick from, depending on the style and concept of your room.

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space
Location: Tampines

You can try:
Bumble Bee LED Night Light by Lightings Direct
DIY Minion Night Lights by Lightings Direct

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