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How to Get Extra Countertop Space in Your Kitchen

The lack of countertop space isn’t just a problem for small kitchens. Even spacious ones can find themselves lacking in countertop space due to poor spatial organisation. As one of the most hardworking surfaces in the home, it serves as an area to prep your meals, as a storage for your cookware, utensils and dishes as well as a catchall for anything that finds their way in the kitchen.

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If you’re struggling to find room on your countertop, here are some easy ways to start organising your space and to squeeze just a few more inches in on that all-important kitchen surface.


1. Install rails, racks or shelves

The reason why we tend to place everything from spice jars to pots and pans on the top of our counters is largely due to accessibility. We want to see everything at once and to reach for them in the quickest possible way. But if you’re looking to declutter the space on the top of counter, think about installing over-the-counter rails, racks or shelves that free up your countertop space while also letting you reach for your items easily.

Design: Fuse Concept

Design: Third Avenue Studio

Source: Pinterest

Design: Dream Creations Interior


2. Make use of your hood

You know that elusive space on top of your hood? Turns out it can also serve as kitchen storage! You can also dangle hooks and you’re ready to hook up your wares and utensils above your cooktop, freeing up space on your counter. Since the hood is located right above the stove, do make sure your hooks are securely installed and fireproof – you don’t want a fire hazard in the kitchen!

Design: Upstairs_

Design: A.W.A Design Office


3. Incorporate a pull-out extension

Adding extra countertop space can be as easy as installing a pull-out extension. It’s a lot more affordable than adding an entire new counter, and it’s a great solution for spaces that cannot afford the additional bulk. You can pull it out whenever you need the extra room for food prep – we think it works best as a cutting board – and simply close it back up again when you’re done with it.


Design: The Orange Cube

Source: Pinterest

Top Flex extendable table from Hafele


4. Fix up a drop-leaf table

If you have space at the sides of your counters (or island!) or room on your kitchen wall, consider fixing up an easy-to-install drop-leaf table/counter, which can serve as an extra countertop or even a small breakfast nook. It saves space in a confined kitchen, because they don’t have to be up all the time. ‘Drop’ them when you’re done.

Design: Urban Habitat Design

Design: Areana Creation


5. Get an extra counter

The obvious solution for more countertop space would be to, well, get more counters!

We love this roll-away counter that comes with castors so it can serve as a mobile bar cart as well. Love, love the under-counter shelves for storing bulky appliances!

Design: Kejico

If you don’t have the space to fix up another counter next to your existing one, you can always incorporate the additional counter perpendicular to it instead:

Design: Free Space Intent

Or get a freestanding island counter, which doesn’t have to fixed up anywhere. Just plonk it right in the middle of your kitchen just so:

Design: DB Studio


6. Stove- or Sink-top cutting board

For kitchens that are really short on space, consider using the top of your stove or sink as an additional meal prep station. Either get something store-bought or customise a cutting board that fits in perfectly for double the workspace. If you’re planning to fix it above your hob, make sure you check to see if your cooktop can handle the weight. (We wouldn’t recommend this for induction hobs, which tend to have more fragile surfaces.)

Design: Free Space Intent

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


7. Build a pantry

A kitchen pantry is a good idea if you want more space on your worktop. It’s a great way to store and display all that you have in one convenient location, while freeing up space on your countertop. If you have the luxury of an awkward corner in your kitchen, consider doing a walk-in pantry. If not, you can do up a mini pantry within your cabinets.

Design: The Orange Cube

Source: Pinterest

Design: The Local Inn.terior

Dispensa 90 cabinet system from Hafele

Do you have a shortage of countertop space in your kitchen? Let us know how you work around that in the comments below!


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