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Get inspired with different bathroom themes

The bathroom is your rightful personal space where you start your good day ahead and ends with a soothing wash down of the day’s stress. Coupled that with the right fixtures and decorations affects the ambience, and making it more than just a comfortable small area at home.

Here are a few styles that will definitely bring the wow factor into your house.

Spotless White

It is absolutely fine to keep a white bathroom if that is what you would prefer but if you are bored of it, jazz it up with some style. If a subtle change is what you want, choose tiles with a white base and minimum texture on it, just to give it a little pop.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab

If you are feeling adventurous, take the plunge and choose something with an accent colour. Get pattern tiles or an accent wall, maybe even both.

Interior Designer: 9 Creation

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Asia

Bringing in an extravagant design can only be done in a bathroom which provides ample space, so as to prevent a confined and messy illusion of the space.

To create a clean and spotless look,

  • Choose a design with a white base.
  • Use a maximum of one accent colour and keep it to a minimum usage.

Indulge therapeutically

Dark and Intimate

The current trend homeowners tend to go towards for their bathrooms would be dark and intimate, to aim for a spa-like bathroom. For most of us, a spa session is something we rarely have the time for so why not transform your bathroom into a spa?

Interior Designer: Earth Interior Design

If your bathroom does not allow space for a bathtub, get a glass shower screen and a rainfall shower head.

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Asia

Interior Designer: Maxwell Interior

Bright and Intimate

If you like the idea of an intimate spa-like bathroom but feels that dark colours are too gloomy for your liking, you are still able to create the same intimate ambience with lighter colours.

Interior Designer: The Orange Cube

The best of both worlds

If neither dark nor light is what you want, why not combine and create your own spa-style? Mix it up with both dark and bright colours, keeping the secondary elements to complete the look.

Interior Designer: DB Studio

Interior Designer: Azcendant

The main important feature of a spa-like bathroom would be,

  • Having the basic brown walls, to create the impression that you are surrounded by nature.
  • Secondary elements would be having a backlit mirror and recessed shelves.
  • Plants can be brought in to further create the illusion and ambience.

Unwind and relax

Everyone wants a little break from life. Similar to the spa bathroom, the resort bathroom is a design which allows you to be surrounded by nature, but in a lighter tone.

Interior Designer: The Orange Cube

Interior Designer: The Mind Design

Interior Designer: Design 4 Space

Having a resort style bathroom may lack in privacy as it tends to be an open concept idea but measures can be taken for modesty, such as strategic furniture placement.

To easily create the resort-style bathroom,

  • Choose brown as the basic colour, representing sand and wood.
  • Allow maximum natural lighting to enter.
  • Decorate minimally with plants, emphasising on the nature aspect.

Industrial Revolution

Like the 1950s, the industrial style has also been returning. Not many will feel comfortable with such a theme but for those who do, there are different ways to go about it.

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab

Interior Designer: Diva’s Interior Design

Interior Designer: Cozy Ideas

The standard features for an industrial style bathroom would be,

  • Having the exposed pipe painted dark grey or black, rather than hiding it away.
  • Choosing subway tiles for a soft and perky look or concrete finishing for a ‘raw’ industrial look.
  • A minimum look, to avoid over cluttering a simple design.

 ‘Raw exposed’ Concrete

Having such a strong finish for the entire bathroom may not be suitable for most of us, due to the tough and raw image of it. If you are interested in a concrete finishing but thinks it’s too rough, there are ways to go around it for added elegance and classiness.

Interior Designer: The Mind Design

Interior Designer: Space Concepts Design

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design

Possible ways of softening the look would be to choose a lighter shade for your concrete walls, as it would aid to create a softer look. Another helpful way would be to choose designs that don’t come with grains as shadow play would harshen the look.

This is the easiest style to achieve, mainly by,

  • Having a concrete finishing on the walls, possibly on the sink as well depending on the extent you are aiming towards.

Grace like the Victorians

Have you ever wanted to live like kings and queens? Immerse yourself by changing your bathroom to look like it was straight out of the Victorian Era.

Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group

To gain a Victorian Era themed bathroom,

  • The most primary centrepiece to have would be the bathtub. The best option would be a freestanding bathtub, being able to look majestic on its own without overshadowing the bathroom design.
  • The appropriate lighting would enhance the theme. If you want to have a chandelier, get one that fits the size of your bathroom or a decorative hanging light to increase the overall grandness of the bathroom.

Tile it

Using tiles to decorate your bathroom is a common idea, with the most common tiles being Peranakan or mosaic tiles.

Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group

Interior Designer: Boon Huat

What you have to be aware of is that for such details decorative tiles, it can be a tad overwhelming when it has been used on every wall surface.

Important features for a decorative tile bathroom would be to,

  • Keep the tiles to a minimum, maybe choosing a feature wall for aesthetic purposes.
  • Keep the basic tiles to be as clean as possible, ridding of any decorative elements so as to not over decorate.

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