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HDB Renovation Overview for First Timers

Let us start with the very basic. Understand that the best HDB renovation ideas are from renovation firms that are registered with the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and who have been doing renovation works for HDBs for so many years.


You also need to comprehend that not all renovation firms handling commercial buildings or landed properties are as good when doing HDB renovation works. HDB renovation works require understanding of multi-storey structures, working with materials made of lower cost, and ensuring fewer disturbances to your neighbors as possible. Furthermore, HDB has set out some rules when doing HDB renovations. Needless to say, renovation firms who have more experience with HDB renovations are better equipped to handle these types of renovation. Although it has minimal provisions for changes in the future, the objective of the standards set by HDB is actually noble. It is to ensure a standardized structure that will last longer than the usual renovation works.

HDB renovation contractors with a lot of experience under their belt already know the standards by heart, and thus, can move on to the more creative side of things. They usually have loads of creative ideas for various needs – including maximizing space limitations in HDB flats. Also, they will be able to tell if you need further approval for additional renovation work that you want to be done.

Some of the guidelines that these HDB renovation firms are also aware of are the furniture sets allowed in HDB homes, walls, slabs, beams and partitions that can or cannot be demolished, external structures that are either allowed or not allowed, toilet seats and other bathroom fixes.

It may seem troublesome to most of us who are not very familiar with the standards set by HDB. However, to these HDB renovation firms, they know what needs to be done and how to comply with the guidelines.

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