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Tips for different areas of your home

Living Room

8 Secrets to Mastering Your Living Room Arrangement

Small living room? No problem. These tips and tricks will help you master that small living room arrangement for that all-important space in the home… Read more >

10 Living Rooms that Ditched the Conventional Sofa

Conventional sofas are overrated and take up too much space, especially if you don’t spend a lot of time in front of the TV… Read more >

How to Choose the Right Coffee Table For Your Living Room

Often an overlooked piece of furniture, the coffee table doesn’t quite have superstar status as a sofa in the living room. But that doesn’t mean it can’t make or break your space…. Read more >

How to Seat the Whole Kampung in the Living Room

If you often have the whole kampung over or you just like to have more choices for seating other than the couch, we have a few ideas that will help increase your seating capacity… Read more >


Guide to Buying a Water Heater

A water heater will be one of the major appliances to get for your new home. For new homeowners, buying a water heater can be somewhat overwhelming if you don’t know where to start looking. Read more >

The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist - Getting it Together

We give you a comprehensive idea on how to do your bathroom renovation right… Read more >

The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist - Putting Things in Perspective

Putting the whole bathroom renovation components together… Read more >

The Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist - Finishing Touches

Learn about the final touches for your bathroom renovation… Read more >

3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Scary Shower Screen Accidents

While a glass shower screen is beautiful and a good choice for small bathrooms, we can’t deny that safety is one issue that shouldn’t be neglected… Read more >

10 Practical Considerations for an HDB Bathroom Renovation

Your HDB bathroom may not be the biggest room in the home, but the amount of complications that can arise during your bathroom renovation definitely requires planning ahead. Read more >

5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Mildew and mould growth in a bathroom often arises because of excess humidity and moisture in the air, which usually stem from hot showers. In Singapore, the problem is particularly pressing because of how humid our environment is… Read more >

How to Design an Ergonomic Bathroom

When it comes to designing your bathroom, think beyond how it looks. Bathrooms are often high-use spaces that are on the smaller side, so it’s important that you also consider ergonomics when planning out your bathroom.  Read more >

Shower Screen versus Shower Curtain

To help you decide between a shower screen or a shower curtain, we list down the different scenarios for you to consider. Read more >

Laundry Room/Service Yard

Washing Machines - Top vs. Front Load

When it comes to washing clothes, is the top or front load better? Read more >

4 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Washing Machine Running

Imagine having to deal with heavy loads of laundry every week and your washing machine suddenly breaks down… Read more >

15 Design Hacks to Solve Your Small Service Yard Dilemma

To learn how to make things work in that limited square footage, we gleaned off 15 design hacks from these small but mighty service yards found in Singapore apartments. Read more >


8 Bedroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

We highlight a few bedroom renovation mistakes you might be making and recommend that you avoid them at all costs. Read more >

12 Platform Bed Ideas to Take Your Bedroom to the Next Level

Draw inspiration from these platform bed ideas to level up on your bedroom style. Read more >

10 Clever Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

To help you maximise storage in your small bedroom, we take a look at the ones which came up with clever storage solutions for their limited space. Read more >

4 Secrets to Buying a Mattress

What this means is that we should really look into getting a quality mattress because that’s where we spend most of our time… Read more >

8 Tips to Give You 8 Hours of Quality Sleep

Quality sleep isn’t as much based on the number of hours you’re snoozing – although adults generally require about seven to nine hours – but rather the environment in which you’re sleeping in. Read more >


Types of Refrigerator: French Doors, Top & Bottom, and Side-by-side

The type of refrigerator depends on your needs, shopping habits and household size… Read more >

10 Important Considerations When Buying a Kitchen Hob

This guide will take you through the considerations you need to think about when choosing a kitchen hob. Read more >

How to Design an Easy-to-Clean Kitchen

If there’s one thing every home cook dreads, it’s cleaning up the kitchen after cooking. Cooking can be messy, dirty affair, leaving your space with piles of dirty dishes, food spills and grease. Read more >

Kitchen Sinks: Undermount & Top Mount

The kitchen sink is an undeniable part of the kitchen, small or luxurious… Read more >

Open vs Closed Kitchens: Which Should You Choose?

Should you go with the trendy open kitchen or the timeless closed kitchen? We put together a quick guide to help you figure out which layout better fits your needs and lifestyle. Read more >

How to Maintain Your Fridge

A major appliance that most of us can’t do without, the refrigerator is a must-have in the kitchen… Read more >

Buying the Right Kitchen Sink and Faucet

We put together the basics of what you need to know in this guide, from the materials you can choose to the different features to look out for, so you can shop quick and informed. Read more >

Which Kitchen Countertop Material is Best?

From quartz and Kompacplus to granite and solid surface, there are tons of material options for your kitchen countertop. So which should you choose? We explore each material to help you decide. Read more >

Use these 5 Zones to Plan an Efficient Kitchen

The 5-zone kitchen stipulates that the kitchen be divided into five different zones: prep, cooking, clean-up, consumables and non-consumables. We take a look at these zones to see how you can apply them into your own kitchen planning. Read more >


How to Create a 'Balcony' When You Don't Have One

From using raised platforms to segregating with paint, we show you the different ways to create a balcony in homes that don’t originally come with one. Read more >

16 Ideas for Your HDB Foyer

With HDBs so small as they are, having a foyer might seem a bit superfluous. But don’t think of it as a mere walkway. It’s actually the first thing you (or your guests) see when you come home, and a well-designed one would make a great first impression… Read more >