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How to Get a 5* Hotel-Like Shower Experience in Your Bathroom

We spend a good part of our lives in the shower, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t invest in creating a shower experience that is out of this world. And there’s no better place to get inspiration than from a 5* hotel! Those guys know how to put together a shower experience that will leave you feeling completely pampered and restored. Here are a few tips so you can replicate the experience in your own bathroom:

1. Go for a shower spray that is gentle on the skin

You know how luxury hotel showers always leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed? The force of the water jet is crucial. You don’t want to go for a shower spray that will leave you aching from the intensity of the spray. Opt for one that is gentle on the skin, like hansgrohe’s PowderRain, which features six nozzles that are finer than conventional showers, allowing them to release small droplets of water that fall gently on your body.

Comparing the RainAir spray mode versus the PowderRain spray mode. Notice how PowderRain produces a much finer jet of water. The video was taken at hansgrohe’s showroom.

2. You will want a shower spray that is effective though

Sure, a soothing shower feels good, but ultimately it should also be effective in rinsing shampoo from your hair and soap from your body. The PowderRain shower spray, while gentle, is also effective. Despite each water droplet being micro-sized, its closely arranged nozzles and its increase in the number of water droplets create maximum effect, releasing a dense and steady stream of water that removes shampoo and soap easily.

A closer look at PowderRain’s mini nozzles versus the nozzle from Rain.

PowderRain’s mini nozzles are arranged close together to produce a dense and steady stream of water for effective cleaning.

3. A pleasing shower experience to the ears

For a hotel-like shower experience that pampers all your senses, it should also include pleasant acoustics—a noisy shower can be quite a nuisance! In hansgrohe’s sound laboratory, experts have reduced shower sounds in the PowderRain spray by about 20 percent in comparison with the Rain spray mode in hansgrohe’s Raindance Select 120 P hand showers.

The PowderRain sound test at hansgrohe’s sound laboratory.

With PowderRain, your showers can be as quiet as a whisper, creating a soothing shower experience. And if you like playing music while you shower, the discreet PowderRain is the perfect accompaniment.

Actual sound recording of PowderRain.

4. Make sure the shower spray fits your needs

Some of the best hotel showers include features that let you tailor your shower experience. With your own bathroom, you’ll also want to make sure your shower spray fits in with your lifestyle. Consider whether you’ll prefer an overhead shower or a hand shower. The former comes with a steady stream of water cascading down your body which leaves you feeling completely relaxed; the latter gives you more control during shower time. If you can’t decide, include both! The PowderRain shower spray is flexible enough that it can be equipped in either the hansgrohe Raindance Select S 120 3jet P hand shower, the Raindance S 240 1jet P overhead shower, or the Showerpipe Raindance Select S 240 1jet P that comes with both overhead and hand showers as well as a thermostatic mixer. Choose the fixture that best fits in with how you take your shower.

Use PowderRain in a wide range of products from hansgrohe.

5. Think about the after-shower clean-up

Staying in a hotel means you won’t have to clean up after yourself. But it isn’t the case when you’re staying in your own home, so do consider getting a shower spray with less splash so you won’t have to wipe down the bathroom too much after showering. Excess moisture in the bathroom can lead to limescale stains or mould build-up overtime, which means you’ll have to put in more elbow grease during bathroom clean-ups. PowderRain’s gentle, micro-fine droplets mean splash is contained within the shower zone. It’s 40 percent less compared to conventional shower sprays. So gentle is the spray that you can even opt for an open-plan or walk-in bathroom design concept, the trending styles in today’s luxury hotels.

Splash test done by hansgrohe to compare the splash created under the PowderRain spray mode versus that under the Rain spray mode.

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