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How to Mix and Match Your Dining Chairs Like a Pro

Mismatched dining chairs have been around for a long time. Once a hipster-cool trend, it’s now a staple for anybody who doesn’t like the uniformity. Mixing and matching dining chairs is a tricky affair. Do it wrong and you’ll end up with a hot mess, but do it right and your dining space will radiate eclectic elegance. Get on board this style with our tips:

1. Same Colour, Different Designs

Design: Amoz Boon

You’ll hardly get it wrong with this easy method. Get your dining chairs in all the same colour, but in different designs. It works even if you’re pairing a classic Thonet wicker bistro chair with a modern Eames plastic mould one—just as long as they are the same colour.

Design: Third Avenue Studio

2. Same Design, Different Colours

Design: D5 Studio Image

Or you can go the other way and opt for the same design in different colours. Great option if you want to inject a bit of colour to your home and your dining space.

Design: Third Avenue Studio


3. All The Same Material

Design: Versaform

We like this one. Have all your dining chairs be made in the same material. It could be wood, plastic, metal or any material you want. This similarity will help to bring them together visually, so it doesn’t matter if they are in varying tones, shapes or sizes.

Design: The Scientist


4. Get The Same Style

Design: Free Space Intent

Mix and match dining chairs in similar styles or era. Above, grungy, old-school Singapore vibes take over the dining area with a concrete screed bench anchoring the space. Below, the chosen dining chairs evoke a clean, modern style.

Design: Free Space Intent

5. Go Crazy – But Match Your Chairs with the Surroundings

Design: Free Space Intent

This method is great if you’re going after an eclectic theme for your home. Have all your dining chairs in various styles, colours and shapes, but make sure they match the surroundings (whether through similar prints, similar colours or materials) of your space so they won’t look completely out of place.

Design: D5 Studio Image


6. Having a Dining Table with Matching Bench

Design: DB Studio

A dining bench in the same colour as your dining table will help to tie things together visually even if your other dining chairs are completely mismatched.

Design: iPoise Interior Design


7. Two By Two

Design: Story of Us

Play it safe by pairing up your chairs. Placing them on opposite ends of each other helps with visual interest and to keep things looking eclectic without being too messy.

Design: The Local INN.terior


8. Put Similar Colour Tones Together

Design: Story of Us

Chairs of similar hues flock together in this method. Get a couple of chairs in one hue and a couple of chairs in another. Place chairs of similar hues side by side with each other. Above, warm, yellow-ish wood tones sit on one end of the table, while darker, almost black wood tones sit on the other. The effect is at once jarring as it is gradual. Below, cool tones (greens, blues) juxtapose against warm tones (reds, yellows).

Design: Linear Space Concepts


9. Have Just One (or Two) Standing Out

Design: Metier Planner

Don’t want to rock the boat too much? Get just one or two chairs that are different from the rest.

Design: Nitty Gritty Interior

Are you on board with the mismatched dining chairs look? Tell us how you mix and match yours in the comments below.


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