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How to Read Your Floor Plans

Floor plans can be confusing sometimes. There are so many odd symbols, lines, and dimensions to study. What do they all mean? We’re here to answer those questions.

*Every single floor plan is unique, these are general features. For specific floor plan enquiries, call HDB.



1. Bolded lines: Structural walls

– Cannot be hacked


Interior Designer: Crescendo Interior


2. Normal lines: Walls

– Can be hacked most of the time after obtaining approval from HDB


Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design


3. Walls with line in middle

– Unique to corner units
– A special type of wall called gable-end wall is used
– Helps prevent the heat (from sun) from entering the house


Interior Designer: Ace Space Design


4. Doors (dotted)

– HDB does not provide door

*Note: Location of doors can be changed as long as they are located next to hackable walls. Doors can also be customised (solid, sliding, etc.).


Interior Designer: 9 Creation


5. Doors (normal lines)

– Doors are provided

*Note: Location of doors can be changed as long as they are located next to hackable walls. Doors can also be customised (solid, sliding, etc.).


Interior Designer: Diva’s Interior Design


6. 100 DROP

– Illustrates 100mm drop in height/level (difference in gradient)
– For washing/cleaning purposes such that water can be drained effectively


Interior Designer: Inside Living


7. Bathroom doors

– Acrylic panel folding door or laminated semi-solid timber door for 3, 4 & 5-Room


Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design


8. W1

Window height (Could be three quarter or full)
*All dimensions are unique to different floor plans and units


Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group


9. Windows

– Swing / sliding depending on unit


Interior Designer: Lux Design


Are you curious about the progress of a certain BTO? Anxious to find out what yours looks like right now? You can try to locate yours in this list.

Disclaimer: Floor plans from HDB.

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