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How to Save A LOT of Space at Home in 8 Simple Ways

“There’s too much empty space at home. What should I do?” I’m sure this is something you don’t hear very often. It’s quite the opposite with most homeowners, who are forever searching for ways to save space. Without further ado, we would like to present you 10 constructive ways you can actually try to free up more room in your house.



1. It’s a great idea to create a trough that lines the bed frame. Shoes, toys, and miscellaneous items can be stored here.

Interior Designer: Inspire ID Group
Location: La Casa – 58 Woodland Drive




2. Would you like a set of dining chairs that tuck nicely into your kitchen’s island counter? I know I would.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Clementi Avenue 3



3. Always a practical option — mount-wall shelves not only increase storage areas but act as a decorative element as well.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: City Square Residences



4. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to install racks or separate shelves to hold your shampoo and shower foam bottles. Sections of the wall can be hacked to make way for chambers that have the same function.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Tampines Street 83



5. Afraid your corridor is going to look empty and lonely? Simple horizontal bars can be introduced so you can show off those pictures you snapped while on vacation last year.

Interior Designer: I-Bridge Design
Location: Blk 258C Punggol Field



6. If you find the wall space behind your television a little too plain for your liking and are having doubts about investing in a feature wall, try wallpaper.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Yishun Ave 1




7. Instead of a standing mirror that could take up too much space in your room or closet, how about a built-in mirror panel that slides into view effortlessly when you need it and disappears just as easily?

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: City Square Residences


8. This is an ingenious way to maximise space. Not everybody has the privilege of enjoying a separate study and bedroom. This is an ideal solution — hit the books and the sack all in one room.

Interior Designer: 3D Innovations
Location: 358 Woodlands

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