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11 Interiors That Showcase The Power Of Natural Light

Naturally lit spaces not only lift the mood and increase visual appeal, but also lower energy bills at the same time. To a certain extent, it can be challenging to incorporate natural light into an interior’s design, but we’ve found quite a few homes that have successfully pulled it off and somehow managed to ease the gap between the inside and out.








1. You’re probably wondering how each and every room in this house is able to experience a bit of sun. It’s pretty simple, actually. Be sure to have enough windows and keep the blinds retracted or the curtains drawn for maximum effect.

Interior Designer: Collective Designs
Location: Cavanagh




2. If you want to light up the place even more, try to stick with simple, pale colours such as white, off-white, beige, etc.

Interior Designer: studio
Location: Shunfu



3. Mirrors in an interior can help to multiply light from the source, making it much brighter.

Interior Designer: Space Atelier
Location: Bartley Residences



4. I’m starting to think natural light has some sort of magical quality to it. Don’t you think it makes the blues and greens of this living room stand out?

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Glendale Park





5. The black furniture in this home showcases the contrast between light and dark even better; the interplay of black and white has a charm of its own.

Interior Designer: Reimage Decor
Location: Everitt Road




6. You know what they always say about good lighting for a conducive study or work environment. That gives you yet another reason to roll up those blinds.

Interior Designer: The 80’s Studio
Location: Costa Ris



7. As small spaces are being visually enlarged with the help of natural light, large spaces look even grander.

Interior Designer: ID Emboss
Location: Springleaf






8. Most people who opt for an industrial-themed home usually appreciate a raw, unfinished look. Sunlight peeking in from the outside helps bring this effect to another level. It’s like an art form of its own.

Interior Designer: Three-d Conceptwerke
Location: Woo Mon Chew




9. Even the type of materials used seem to be better expressed with the help of natural light. You can fully appreciate the smoothness of the wood laminates, the neat fur of the floor rug, the vastness of the kitchen, so on and so forth.

Interior Designer: Luxespace
Location: Telok Kurau






10. Regardless of a house’s design, light pouring in from the outside can oftentimes help up its beauty game, making it go from great to fabulous.

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Mimosa Park

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