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12 Less than Conventional Home Interior Design Ideas to Push your Abode from Looking Mediocre to Awesome

Tired of the same-old conventional renovation tips that make your home look like everyone else’s? Here are some of our less than conventional winning home interior design ideas to push your abode from looking mediocre to awesome!

#1. Decorative space-savvy dining banquette frames the dining area

Design: Sync Interior Pte Ltd

The customized dining banquette, in matching blue laminate, is designed to frame the dining zone perfectly by keeping the seating area white and contrasting it in black. Banquettes are perfect for small and compact spaces since they utilize limited spaces to the hilt without foregoing comfort and elegant design.

#2. False window adds an extra dimension

Design: Sync Interior Pte Ltd

Deeply inspired by nature, the Japanese look is usually decked out in a restrained light colour palette and the wooden accents embody the Japanese style of tradition, which values simplicity, functionality and deep respect for craftsmanship. The faux window adds an added layer of dimension in the living room.

#3. Faux wood beams accentuate the ceiling

Design: Atas Design

Faux ceiling beams are the easiest and most budget-friendly way to add drama and interest to an otherwise ordinary room. The wooden beams accentuate the interiors by making the ceilings look much taller than they really are. They also improve the aesthetics of a room by casting patterned shadows when the entryway is illuminated.

#4. Arched doorways introduce visual interest and beauty

Design: Starry Homestead

Arched doorways add soft curves and introduce elegance to any homes. When done correctly, the arched doorways contrast the lines, squares and rectangles found in the room, while injecting an imposing architectural and grandeur touch.

#5. Rustic vibes with a gabled “roof” cabinet

Design: Aestherior

Another way to add a subdue touch of architectural interest in your home is to construct a pseudo gabled “roof” for the open shelf cabinet. In addition, the unfinished rustic brick wall is meant to subtly repeat this abstract ranch theme in the home interior.

#6. Going trendy with distressed wall treatment

Design: Atas Design

Walls made to look distressed, by applying the Venetian plaster technique on either plaster or cement, are trending recently. In fact, distressed walls are indispensable design elements when it comes to pulling off a show-shopping raw industrial look. These rugged accents, in the form of exposed brick and concrete screed walls, mimicked the look of living spaces that have been carved out from disused warehouses and factories perfectly.

#7. Ultramodern wall lighting treatment

Design: White Corporate

Up the bedroom’s pizzazz with lighted accent walls to create an ultramodern, yet cosy bedroom of your dreams. The wooden panelled accent walls are inlay with a plethora of LED strips to diffuse the light around the room, enveloping the bed with a comforting golden to lull you into a good night’s sleep.

#8. Making bedtime really exciting and fun

Design: VNA Design

Bunk beds are extremely practical, vertical space-saving solutions for compact rooms. Inject an unexpected twist by combining brilliant ergonomics and pleasing aesthetics with a playful slide connecting the adjourning bunk beds. You can even replace the regular stairs with a rope ladder and anything is possible when you let your imagination run wild!

#9. Create an unforgettable indoor rock climbing experience

Design: The Interior Lab

If you are blessed with a higher than average ceiling, give your room a surprising twist by setting up an indoor climbing rock wall. Aside from making your room the coolest adventure hangout, rock climbing walls are a great way to stay active and healthy too. To mimic the outdoor experience, the climbing walls should be installed at varying angles to ensure that you have a good workout within the confinements of your home.

#10. Replicate a tropical beach Fale-like getaway with the faux wooden thatched roof

Design: Free Space Intent

Bask in the tropical vibe of this Balinese beach-inspired home with a faux wooden thatched “roof” to imitate the feel of a holiday getaway hut. Usher nature indoors with plenty of wallpaper and large leafy plants to create a personal smoothing and relaxing sanctuary.

#11. Go Eco-friendly by re-purposing parts of a shipping container

Design: Fuse Concept

Eco-friendly and built to last, repurposed shipping container homes are a modern marvel and a sight to behold. In this construct, the shipping container walls have been deliberately left raw to celebrate the unique make-up of this home. The theme of re-purposing is carried into the other interior elements in the form of repurposed neon lights and wooden kitchen island.

#12. Plants as a living wall and a divider

Design: New Chapter Design

As an alternative to traditional room dividers, soil or hydro plants can be used as an outstanding, freestanding vertical garden in your home interiors. They are living works of art which promote positive mental health by keeping the air crispy clean and cool.


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