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May 2021 BTO Woodlands Woodgrove Ascent Unit Analysis

During our site visit to Woodgrove Ascent, one of the BTOs that was launched during the May 2021 BTO sales exercise, we found the area to be relatively private and serene. Read our unit analysis to see the best units to pick if you managed to snag a queue number.

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At a glance


Total no. of blocks


Highest floor

15 to 25 storeys high

Total no. of units


Type of unitss

2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room units

Estimated Completion Date

3rd quarter of 2025


Along Woodlands Ave 1

Nearest amenities

Approx 5 mins walk to The Woodgrove mall. The mall has a Fairprice Finest, several fast food restaurants including McDonald’s and other service and retail outlets including a vet, gym and a household supplies shop. The BTO is also a 15-min walk to Causeway Point at Woodlands, where the Woodlands regional MRT is located.

Site visit

woodgrove ascent bto site may 2021Site for BTO Woodgrove Ascent. The area is surrounded by numerous public and private residences.

woodgrove ascent site

Along Woodlands Ave 1. Traffic wasn’t exactly the lightest even on a weekend afternoon, possibly owing to the dense residential population in the area.

Traffic is also expected to be higher during weekdays as the site is sandwiched between three schools: Fuchun Primary and Secondary schools as well as Si Ling Primary School.

The Woodgrove mall, where the nearest amenities are located. The small shopping centre includes a supermarket (Fairprice Finest), a food court (Koufu) and several other retail options.

Which Unit to Choose for BTO Woodgrove Ascent at Woodlands?

Away from the hot afternoon sun

In Singapore, our hot afternoon sun comes in two directions: the northwest direction from March to September and the southwest direction from September to March.

For those looking for a unit that doesn’t feel like a baked oven come afternoon, choose a unit from a stack that doesn’t have the main areas of the home facing these two directions. These are the best stacks to pick:

373A: 957
373B: 975
376A: 1045, 1069, 1071


Corner units are the best for privacy, since you are unlikely to get a nosy neighbour walking by your flat and peeking in. Also choose a flat that is away from the lifts as well as the rubbish chutes. These areas tend to have higher footfall. Some corner stacks also come with the extra space outside your entrance you can claim for yourself.

Pick these ones for privacy:

372A: 921, 923
372B: 947, 949
373A: 955, 957, 965
373B: 973, 975, 983
374A: 1015
374B: 1043
376A: 1047, 1049

Unblocked views

Because the blocks are relatively tall at Woodgrove Ascent, a lot of the units will get relatively unblocked views. In the map below, we’ve listed how tall the surrounding HDB flats or condominiums are. Use that for reference when you are picking your stack and unit at this BTO.

These stacks are likely to have unblocked views:


  • Anything higher than the 13th floor for stacks 907, 909, 911, 913, 915 and 917
  • 919, 921


  • Anything higher than the 13th floor for stack 933
  • 945
  • Anything higher than the 12th floor for stack 947


  • 957, 959, 967


  • Anything higher than the 5th storey for stacks 979, 981, 983
  • 975, 977 and 985


  • Anything higher than the 5th storey for stacks 997, 999 and 1001
  • 1003, 1005, 1007
  • Anything higher than 4th storey for stacks 1009 and 1011


  • Anything higher than the 7th storey for stacks facing the car park (1017, 1019, 1021, 1023, 1041 and 1043)
  • Anything higher than the 10th storey for stacks 1037, 1039


  • Anything higher than the 7th storey for stacks facing the car park (1047, 1045, 1063, 1065, 1067, 1069, 1071)
  • Anything higher than the 12th storey for stack 1049
  • Anything higher than the 13th storey for stacks 1051, 1053, 1055, 1057, 1059 and 1061

Note: Because the blocks at Woodgrove Ascent are staggered, there may be other units facing inwards that have unblocked views. The 3D model of the BTO will provide a clearer picture.

Away from traffic and high human activity zones

Avoid stacks facing Woodlands Ave 1 if you don’t want to be disturbed by traffic noise. Traffic along Woodlands Ave 1, as we observed during our site visit, was relatively busy.

Zones with potential high human activity include areas like the playground, pavilions, drop-off points, car park, fitness stations, childcare centre as well as the residents’ network centre.

These stacks are the best to pick for peace and quiet:

372A: 909, 911, 913, 915, 917, 919, 921
376A: 1049, 1051, 1053, 1055, 1057, 1059

Other factors to consider:

  • For a shorter walking distance (less than 10 mins) to Causeway Point, go for stacks in block 372A. If the walking distance is considered too far for you, you can opt to take the feeder service (Bus 912) to Causeway Point rather than walk. For the latter option, consider blocks 374A or 373B, which are closer to the bus stops along Woodlands Ave 1.
  • Units located near the link bridge are likely to have relatively high footfall, with people using the link bridges to get to the roof gardens or the car parks. So avoid those if you don’t want to experience this.

What other questions do you have about Woodgrove Ascent BTO? Hit us in the comments.


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