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Pink Power: 7 Homes in Singapore That Use Pink Like a Boss

Pink. You either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny its explosion in the world of interiors. We’re seeing it in a lot more homes in Singapore too. From subtle blush accents to full-on rosy hues, here are some of our favourite spaces that use pink like they own it:


1. Understated Beauty

Design: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Compassvale Drive

While pink is normally an energising colour, you can create a calming home with a lighter shade. The designer paired pink with grey, a classic combination, to create a home that is oh so soothing. The sweet hue isn’t overly used—just a swatch in the living room and the walk-in wardrobe—to avoid the home from appearing too feminine.


2. Classic Number

Design: The Scientist
Location: Tanjong Rhu

Adding to the ornate details in this modern Victorian style home is a warm shade of pink. It is loud and daring, yet it works really well when paired with this deep black, giving the space a modern slant and helping to temper any saccharine sweetness. A darker purplish pink hue is used for the bedroom, lending a touch of intrigue and romance.


3. Sanrio Sanctuary

Design: Design 4 Space
Location: Henderson Road

Character themed homes can often look tacky, but this pink Hello Kitty flat looks anything but—thanks to the designer’s restrained approach. Rather than plaster everything in an overly sweet pink, a crisp white and light wood base was used, and when coupled with the natural light that the home enjoys, creates a bright, warm and airy space. Besides the furnishings, the Hello Kitty motifs appear most notably in the custom living room’s TV console and the master bedroom’s headboard.


4. Warm Elegance

Design: The Scientist
Location: Cantonment Close

The unexpected combination of jewel tones and a warm rosy pink gives off an elegant vibe in this HDB flat. Here, the pink functions as a neutral, creating the perfect foundation for the emeralds, mandarins and plums to shine. The touch of terrazzo on the dining table and the kitchen counter adds a pop of personality and visual interest.


5. Country Chic

Design: Weiken
Location: Upper Serangoon Road

If there’s any style that best fits a sweet pink, it’s the warm and comforting country theme. In this studio apartment, pink, together with other pastel hues, create a fun and cheerful home, but it is their dedication to the farmhouse theme that caught our attention. We especially like the custom ironing board in the living room that blends perfectly with the country style, as well as the ceiling-hung wire baskets that provide useful storage for the bric-a-bracs in the home.


6. Modern Statement

Design: Wynk Collaborative
Location: Not available

The use of pastel pink and mint as well as the addition of herringbone patterns (in the kitchen and bathroom) add an element of fun and the unusual to an otherwise modern apartment, defined by orderly and clean architectural lines and a monochrome and primary colours palette. The pink appears in the full-height cabinets in the living room, which is flush to the entrance of the bedroom. The colour continues on the other side of the door, serving as a point of interest in the sleeping quarters.


7. Colour Blocking Fun

Design: MMJ Design & Loft
Location: Aljunied Crescent

In this home, the pink appears exclusively in the living room. It is part of the eye-catching colour blocking feature wall in the communal space, the geometric shapes mirroring the ones on the built-in shoe cabinets. There is no lack of patterns and shapes in this home. You see it everywhere: from the kitchen flooring and bedroom wall to the door design and bathroom surfaces.

Is a pink a colour for you or is it too bold? We want to hear from you!


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