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18 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City #08-20 Singapore 573960

About Brixley Design Studio

What will people say about your new home or renovation? Will they say it’s functional, stylish, unique, creative and beautiful?

If you work with us here at Brixley, the answer is yes. They will!

Many interior designers use cheap materials and “cookie-cutter” plans to get your project finished as quickly and profitably as possible. Leaving you with another “same as next door” house that you don’t really love, with lots of money flushed down the drain as a result.

With 100% customer satisfaction and plenty of 5-star reviews, we’ve built a reputation for co-creating beautifully unique living spaces that the whole family will enjoy.
No cut and paste designs. (everything is customized and tailored to suit you uniquely)

No cheap, nasty materials.

Just pure taste, style and customization that will make your dream home a reality. Our fully customized drawings and design ideas will have your neighbours, friends and family feeling inspired and maybe even a bit jealous.

Whether you’re building, selling or staying where you are, we have the interior design ideas to add value, luxury and a real sense of space and style to your home.

Message us today and tell us what you’re planning, and we’ll give you heaps of design inspiration and tips to bring your dream home to life.

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