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554 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2050, Singapore 560554

About Dreamhome Culture

Dreamhome Culture is an interior design studio that embraces diverse design styles with the focal vision of making interior spaces functional and safe. As in our core values, we believe that every home is unique to individual homeowners, thus we seek a well- balance of scale & proportion, rhythm, emphasis and harmony in overall design for our clients.

At Dreamhome Culture, we work closely with our clients to create reality from ideas, dream home from fantasy. Every vision you have for your home sometimes require a little help to perfection. Our responsibility is to bring your vision to life from minor or to major renovations.

In every project, we actively listen to your needs, understand your concerns with an empathic approach and focus on detailed customization, making sure that even the smallest details are given attention. Designing for a home is more than just usability. It is also about how well our design is able to relate, interact and serve for a meaningful user experience to homeowners. We plan and create the aesthetics and functionality that transforms houses into dream homes.

Our reliable professional services include:
– Project Management
– Interior Design and Consultancy
– Additions and Alterations Work (A&A)
– Interior Styling and Decoration
– Renovation Work

Dreamhome Culture is… Where dream homes come true. 

HDB Licensed Renovation Contractor:
– HDB License No.: HB-11-5699D

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Mark Tan 
 Posted on
August 31, 2021

We started our renovation in March after going through 7 IDs. We decided to go with Randall.

Our Unit
5 room resale HDB
121 Sqm

Basically, the house was run down over the years (see pics) and we hacked and redo everything. 20 Weeks Renovation (5 weeks back and forth with HDB on the hacking permit)

Meet-ups and Quotation
The process was very straightforward. He listened to our needs and requirements and subsequently provided a simple 3D image to help us visualise the space. This helped us greatly as we are both first-time homeowners. He also had several suggestions to improve the amount of storage spaces that we have. Randall is straightforward and practical at times with his design. He will offer many alternative solutions when we are stuck with making a decision and help us along the way.

The contractors that Randall hired were efficient. Especially, the carpenters, that did a very good job. We too were affected by the MCO from Malaysia. But the carpenters managed to bring out the cabinets, cupboards and shelves before the start of the MCO in May. The quality of carpentry was excellent. The carpenters were really experienced and did the job expertly. Our laminates are from Arova, supreme series. This was recommended by my ID and the laminates were indeed supreme. It’s easy to clean, leaves no fingerprints and it looks really nice.

Installation of accessories
We bought most of our stuff from SG due to the shipping issues back in May/June. Randall, due to his experience introduced a few of his regular places that he gets his items from (Fans, Hob, Hood, Lights, etc.) We visited these companies and got a quote form them. Of course we did our own research after the trip and visited a number of other shops like Hoe Kee, Sia Huat, Sim Siang Choon and all the major big retailers, etc. After all that, the shops/companies that my ID recommended was still the cheapest for the exact same model. There were some items that we bought ourselves from Ikea, Lazada and Taobao that the workers helped us install.

We are happy with this whole renovation process with Randall. Though he is busy, he will reply to us within the day. I remembered once the MCO was announced, we were panicking a bit as the carpentry was from Malaysia. When the news was announced, Randall was on the phone with me till 11:45 pm just to find a solution and reassure us.

In all renovations, there will be miscommunications and hiccups, but Randall always will try to resolve them within the week. Renovation journeys now is a very stressful period for all especially the shortage of workers. The workers that renovated my place are haven’t been back home for a year or more. With no new workers coming in, they have been doing a lot of renovations rushing from one place to another. A little understanding goes a long way.

That’s my renovation journey. Hope yours will be smooth sailing.

Project Coordinator(s): Randall
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Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Martina Griffin
 Posted on
June 17, 2021

Was relocating from London and met up with Roland on one of my trips back. Dream home Culture was recommended by a friend and I have no regrets about my choice.

He was very prompt in replying to my queries even when I was overseas. We made slight adjustments to the drawings and each time he acceded to our request without hesitation.

When the reno began, he was there every day to oversee n take photos to show us works.

Everything was done to our expectations and we have no hesitation to recommend them!

Project Coordinator(s): Roland
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Grace Goh
 Posted on
June 14, 2021

We highly recommend Dreamhome Culture for any home renovation. Mr Roland is a dedicated, experienced professional who offers excellent services and sound advice throughout our whole renovation process.

He replied almost instantly to our queries and requests, such attention given is highly commendable. He is also very patient to highlight and explaining to us the pro and cons of some of our ideas. He helped us to save a lot of time to prevent those issues which I would never think of. Most importantly, his rates are very reasonable.

In summary, Dream Culture is a reliable, reasonable and quality contractor that you can depend on, leave your worries to them. I will recommend those who need his services.

Project Coordinator(s): Roland
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.