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53 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427777

About Ovon Design

As a young team unified by a deep love for the art and craft of design, we see the promise of perfect beauty and functionality in every square foot of space. Combining a flair for aesthetics, deep knowledge of design technicalities, and bespoke carpentry skills, it is our pride to be able to turn any space into a dazzling masterpiece.

Whether it is space to live, work learns or play, whatever the budget, and however big your dreams are, we stand right by you from the birth of a concept to completion of the project.

At OVON, great ideas are being born every minute. Call us, because the next could belong to you.

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Hardy Yeo
 Posted on
December 20, 2021

During the rounds of ID selection, Zi An impressed us with her responsiveness and space planning that was out of the box compared to the other meetings. In addition to the competitive pricing of the individual quoted items, we found Ovon to be a suitable ID firm to renovate our home.

The main issue we had with our resale flat we had was the small kitchen. With the exposed piping, and catering allowance for a service yard, we were looking into creative solutions that could take advantage of the spacious living room to solve our kitchen issue. We decided upon an open concept kitchen to give the kitchen space a light and airy feel, and opted for a front load washer to maximise the countertop space. The kitchen flooring was also raised for us to be able to place our fridge and dining table between the kitchen and living room. The exposed piping was concealed and carpentry was built around it to increase storage. A lot of attention was put into the kitchen and we appreciated the feedbacks from Zi An and Leon guiding us with the layout, colours, materials, and overall design. It has come a long way from our original concept sketches to the place we make gastronomical wonders.

But with every reno journey, there are bound to have a couple of hiccups along the way and Zi An, Leon, and especially Annie, played a great deal in helping overcome these issues. With covid delaying several services and delivery, we still managed to keep things mostly to schedule with Annie’s flexibility and coordination. This was especially crucial as we were expecting our child around the same period and we tied in the completion date to my child’s birth day. With the successful handover, we were able to move in exactly one month after our confinement month ended, while allowing the place to air out.

We had a few unusual ideas and requests, with our cove lightings, bathtubs, extension of MBR toilet, and vintage window grilles. We were impressed that our ideas were never dismissed and instead was encouraged. Our experience during our inital ID search showed that some designers didn’t share our enthusiasm so we were glad to be able to find a team that can work well together to bring our vision to life. Certain items could just be left to the designers’ discretion and it would fit in perfectly with the aesthetics of the home when we came back to check on the progress.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience that we felt was value for money, worked well within our budget, we are pleased with the final results, and the responsive aftersales service. We are to proud to have our home featured in their portfolio. Thank you Zi an, Annie, Leon!

Project Coordinator(s): Zi An
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Aloysius Ang
 Posted on
October 28, 2021

We enjoyed our journey with Leon and Simon on our home renovation. We had a tight budget to work with and they were able to provide valuable advice to help us keep the project within budget without compromising on the design and functionality of the house.

Although there were hiccups along the way, what’s important was the team was committed to resolving these issues and that really adds to the positive experience. Overall, we are satisfied with the quality and workmanship by Ovon design and would recommend them to our friends and family.

Project Coordinator(s): Leon and Simon
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Zong Han, Ferre Yeo
 Posted on
September 19, 2021

We wanted to have something practical and able to last us for more than 7 years for our first house. After speaking to various IDs, we decided to engage Ovon Design for the renovation work.

We would like to thank Ovon Design for the excellent renovation work done for the house and the effort that they put in for the design and smooth communication with us. Overall the whole process was a positive and good experience for us.

Firstly, Leon for giving us lots of ideas during our very first appointment with Ovon Design. He is very experienced and able to answer all our queries and concerns as a first time home owner and able to advise us on the practicability and feasibility of our initial idea.

Secondly, Gary for being very prompt to our queries and questions. One of our concern was the timeline due to this covid situation. Gary followed very closely with the various contractors and tried his best to ensure the renovation works were completed in the stipulated timeline so that we can move in as soon as possible.

After staying in the house for about 1.5 months, we realised that the design was well planned eg there were sufficient table top space in the kitchen for us to work around even after placing the daily necessities.
There were enough storage space for us to store our things so we can maintain a clean space.

Although there are some areas that can be better planned, we are overall satisfied with the quality and workmanship that was done by Ovon design.

Project Coordinator(s): Leon & Gary
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Hong Soon Lim
 Posted on
July 29, 2021

After we have decided to go for the major renovation, we scouted several IDs but were not very convinced from the proposals. I went to Qanvast and was given 3 IDs. Received all 3 proposals and Ovon’s was outstanding and yet competitive. Thanks to Leon and Raymond, it make our decision easy.
Their proposal has a well balance of new ideas and incorporated our thoughts and addressed some inherent problems we had. Landed house renovation has more considerations with many options and Ovon has leveraged it well. Managed to transform frontyard into a sport area and backyard into a huge, cosy and practical place (wet kitchen, laundry and dinning). We were unable to utilize these 2 areas well for years.
Throughout the Covid19 restriction, Ovon managed its resources well and completed the project ahead of time. We had many changed requests (some of them were last minutes) along the way, Leon has been understanding and most helpful. Even both my neighbors started giving jobs to Ovon. Seeing is believing.
My wife and I are very delighted with the outcome of the renovation and the whole process was very pleasant. We are thankful and appreciate the hard work put in by Ovon and its contractors.
This is a young yet a matured and experienced team you can count on. I am opened to anyone whom is interested to see their achievements. Well done Ovon and all the best !

Project Coordinator(s): Leon Leong
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Valsaladevi Pillai
 Posted on
May 22, 2021

My family and friends love the beautiful design, finished workmanship and clever space-saving ideas. They also complimented the smooth carpentry finish of my consoles, wardrobe and kitchen cabinets.

Both Raymond and Gary have displayed a very high level of understanding of my preferences and needs. They had also been very prompt and responsive to my various queries. They rendered valuable recommendations and tips on renovating my home and also coordinated seamlessly for electrical, plumbing, air-con and other works to ensure the project schedule was completed on time. True professionals and service-oriented, indeed!

I would strongly recommend OVON DESIGN to anyone who is looking for an ID that provides bespoke design and all services under one roof.

A very satisfied customer, Devi.

Project Coordinator(s): Raymond Soh and Gary Chong
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.