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No 21 Woodlands Close #09-43, Primz Biz-Hub, Singapore 737854

About SHE Interior Design

SHE Interior Design Pte Ltd is a brother company Meticulous creation by Eugene She & Ryan She. We strongly believe in the principle that the client’s Design, Service & Quality are paramount.

Our mission to deliver exquisite design and build service in the field of your interior design. We are a team of Professional and friendly designers supported by a group of qualified craftsman all dedicated to the company.

We specialise in Residential Interior / Exterior design, Commercial /office interior design, Architecture works and A&A Works. We Provide Space planning & Budget planning, 3D Perspective drawing & free Design Consultation.

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Chew Chez
 Posted on
May 8, 2020

Jophy has done a fantastic job! I have no bad/negative comments at all.

Design 💯 – Accommodate to your request and suggest a very interesting design to suit the theme very well.
Schedule 💯 – Absolute on time. There is one incident from my kitchen tap that was not spotted during check till the construction started working and Jophy managed to solve it without delaying the schedule.
Responsive 💯 – Jophy can reply you almost immediately, even when he is not available he will still inform you.
Responsible 💯 – No doubts All good.

Jophy is very meticulous in every single detail. Every discussion with him will take at least 2hours and more. No hiccup in between, everything is very well planned by him. Both my husband and I are extremely satisfied engaging him for our first house.

Project Coordinator(s): Jophy
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Elaine Teng
 Posted on
April 18, 2020

6 months after we have moved into our new home, we decided that we are confident to recommend SHE Interior.

It took us awhile to decide on our ID and we almost didn’t meet with Ryan because Woodlands was so far out. However, Ryan came all the way to Tampines to meet with us for our first meeting. He surprised us pleasantly not just because of his kind gesture, but also because he is the only ID who came up with ideas we didn’t think of- the others merely put our ideas on paper- and got us excited about meeting with him again to see what he has planned for us!

We are proud to say that we kept 90% of his original idea (only because I and my husband could not agree on the very beautiful but tricky feature wall and budget constraints) and up till today, still find ourselves sitting in our home and thinking to ourselves, “wow, this is beautiful.” Ryan is very good at coming up with practical and beautiful ideas even when obstacles (like the beam we didn’t foresee until onsite visit)! Because we didn’t drive, he was very kind to send us to choose our tiles! He’s also very responsive on texts even when he didn’t have to- he would help to advise if we should choose this colour or the other, and if this dining table would match our house, etc.

We waited this long to give our review because I wanted to make sure that our house is not just pretty, but the workmanship is good too. Our guests who visit are always impressed by the high-quality carpentry work (which I have a lot of) they see because it is well made and the finishing is refined. Everything is working the way it should and we are so thankful for the great effort and work Ryan has put into making our home so beautiful.

Ryan not only puts in time and effort to make the house beautiful, he helps us by absorbing the cost of a lot of work because of our limited budget. I’m thankful to have known him and would highly recommend this very professional and talented ID to anyone who is looking for an ID who is inspiring, impressive and involved in the whole process of creating your dream home.

Project Coordinator(s): Ryan
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
 Posted on
April 16, 2020

Jeff from SHE was the 2nd ID that I met up with. The 1st ID didn’t give a good impression so Jeff was the benchmark for me to compare with the rest of the IDs.

I met 8 IDs in total. After comparing, SHE proved to have the most affordable price and it checked most of our wishlist.

Jeff was the assigned ID and straightaway he was eager to jump in and kickstart with our renovation ideas. We opted for an industrial with a mix of old school/vintage/retro look. It has been a long time since Jeff had done an industrial concept reno this he was more than happy to chip in some ideas as well.

Jeff took to our ideas with an open mind and there were no negative remarks coming from him. He could visualize it really well and we immediately clicked. Jeff had some ideas along the way and recommended doing this instead of that, gave insights on practicality and also gave us cost-saving ideas.

As soon as the contract was signed, no time was wasted and a chatgroup was set up for communication. Everything was done openly and Jeff was contactable all the way.

During the renovation, there was some issue with the original layout of our unit and the proposed plan. We couldn’t follow exactly on the designed plan so we make do with plan B and the outcome looked seamless as if there was no issue at all.

After the handover of the house, there were some minor issues with the appliances but it was quickly resolved after contacting Jeff. Jeff was able to call the contractors and the matter was settled within 1-2 days.

We had services done to our house after the reno and the people that came commented that our house looks really nice and the workmanship was good too. I enjoyed more being at home now. There’s plentiful to look at and I am really satisfied with the turnout. It was surreal to be in the ‘new’ house as our ideas came to life.

I would highly recommend SHE Interior Design and Jeff as the ID. In fact, will be recommending them to my BIL and SIL for their upcoming reno. Thumbs up and keep up with the good work guys!

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Lucas Tan
 Posted on
April 9, 2020

We engaged SHE Interior Design after get to know it from our BTO Whatsapp group. We decided to choose SHE Interior Design because we found that their quotation price is reasonable. Our ID is Jophy Lim. He is very friendly and able to propose a practical interior design that suits our requirements. He demonstrated the knowledge and useful design for our new home where we feel worth to spend the renovation cost to get a REAL interior designer with nice design work. We are very happy and please with his service!

Project Coordinator(s): Jophy Lim
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Daylea Tok
 Posted on
March 6, 2020

We have engaged SHE Interior for our house renovation and was 100% satisfied with the outcome. Ryan is very patient with our request and is meticulous into details and planning. He spent considerable time and effort to understand our needs. Most importantly, he gave practical solutions and recommendations based on his expertise during pre-work. During the renovation, he ensures all elements (measurements/material) are accurate, well-coordinated and matching. He has demanded high standard from his workers/contractors and continuously kept us aware of the progress. The outcome of the renovation was exactly on how we anticipated during initial conception and have received a lot of positive feedback on the design from my friends and relatives. I would definitely recommend SHE Interior if you are looking to restyle or renovate your home.

Project Coordinator(s): Ryan
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.