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No 8, Kim Keat Lane, Singapore 328865 (Next to Whampoa Market, off Kim Keat Road)

About Sky Creation Asia
Born from a vision to elevate the standards of interior design to a new level, Sky Creation Asia is a brand name that is synonymous to the heights in innovative designs and quality. Spearheaded by its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sky Tan, who has garnered more than a decade of collective experience within this niche field, Sky Creation Asia is at the forefront of interior design consultancy services and renovations in Singapore.

Incepted since 2008, Sky Creation Asia’s growing recognition in interior design services is reflective of Mr. Sky Tan’s foresight for the company. Testifying to its expanding presence and stronghold within the industry, Sky Creation Asia now has five niche showrooms to cater to its growing clientele. To ensure quality craftsmanship that goes hand in hand with uncompromising designs, Mr. Sky Tan even set up a carpentry workshop to cater to the demands of his clients.

Founded on the cornerstone of constant innovation and growth, Sky Creation Asia continually diversifies into newer areas of interior design. From interior design consultancy and renovation, Sky Creation Asia has since ventured onto a new platform where it now carries a range of unique products under the labels, Acqua for bathroom fittings, Luce for lighting products, Tissue for curtain and upholstery solutions, as well as Himmel Kuche for kitchen solutions.

Led by a visionary man and supported by a group of dedicated and professional designers and architects, Sky Creation Asia – a Singapore Quality Class, CASETRUST, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited company – has a strong portfolio in both residential and commercial projects showcasing the design acumen of its team. In line with its vision to widen its horizon, Sky Creation Asia’s long-term plans to gain a foothold in the Malaysia and China markets are also in the pipeline. A brand that constantly seeks to scale greater heights within this domain, Sky Creation Asia promises one the deliverance of quality workmanship, creative designs and competitive pricing.

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Established since: Since 2008

Warranty/Guarantee: 1 Year

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Darren Poh
 Posted on
July 10, 2021

要工作还要照顾家庭真的不容易。拿了几份 quotation, 设计顾问 Brice 的 quotation 不是最便宜的并且已超出我们的预算。我们犹豫了一下但是我们知道 “一分钱一分货”的道理。我们要的是一位有创意会 “用心” 的室内设计师而不是一位只会 “甜言蜜语”的推销员。

上网看到好几张 Brice 和屋主的合照以及屋主对他的平价, 让我们知道这些都不是伪造的。现在在网上不难找到有好口碑的室内设计师但拥有多张和屋主一起拍照的并不多, Brice 是少数之一 。

Brice 很注重品质, 他给我们有名以及终身保修的 accessories 让我们没有后顾之忧。除此之外, 他很用心设计我们的家并且经常到我们的家监督工程的进展还亲自下手, 确保品质可以达到他的要求同时缩短了工程的进展。我们很放心不什么需要到我们的新家来看, 让我们可以有更多的时间照顾家庭以及专心工作。最后证明了 Brice “物有所值”。

谢谢我们的设计顾问 Brice, 谢谢 Sky Creation 以及所有参与的师傅们, David、 啊Kam、小文、啊力等等, 让我们梦想成真感恩。

Project Coordinator(s): Brice Ong
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Susan Lee
 Posted on
November 2, 2020

Nowadays there are lots of ID firms advertising online involving positive feedback about IDs. Deep in my heart, I know that not all these feedback might be genuine or reliable. Most of these positive feedback are either without house owner’s endorsement, photos taken with ID and house owner together or with genuine house photos. After browsing through many such stories, I realized this ID by the name of Brice has taken photos with a number of happy owners.

When I first met Brice, I did not find anything special about him. Not to mention that his quotation is not the lowest I have received. The only things that caught my eyes are his passion in design and sincerity. He told me he doesn’t take up every single project he is offered because he does not want to over-stretch himself and end up disappointing the clients he has on hand.

After moving house for a few times with some disappointments along the way in terms of renovation, this might be our permanent house. I decided to engage him as our ID. He took up our project and demonstrated a 200% commitment.

During the design stage, we told him that we are looking for a cozy but not too bright feel, easy maintenance, safe and user friendly for my mum. On top of that, we are very particular about workmanship as well. His designs are creative and he proposed marble-wood-look laminate combination which turned out well for us. Rounded edges at the shoes cabinet and the TV console enhanced the designs and also helped to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

Throughout the renovation, he visited our house numerous times to ensure that jobs were properly carried out within the given time frame and he even participated hands-on within his capabilities. Sometimes he even stayed late at night to ensure the job meets his expectations. He kept us in the loop about the progress throughout. In my heart, I thought that this guy must be crazy !!! But of course, I am grateful to have engaged such an ID who treated my house like his own. I am staying just few blocks away but hardly visit my new house during the renovation because I knew my house was in good hands and ultimately the house was handed over to me with hardly any defects.

2 thumbs up to Brice and Sky Creation, as well as all the men involved such as David (painter/plumber), Ah Kam (carpenter) etc. Thanks a lot.

Project Coordinator(s): Brice Ong
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.