A friend of mine introduced Jason to me. My 1st impression of him is “whether this guy can make it or not?”. However, the phrase on “never judge a book by its cover” comes to my mind when we start to chat. I share with him my ideal interior design for my new house and the affordable budget that I come out with. He did not upsell and being pushy. In fact, he is honest, humble and provides alternatives to ensure my budget met and yet my ideal concept the interior design remained.

He listens to your suggestions, patience, knowledgable and experienced enough to provide alternatives which impressed me.

Most important, and I believe everyone concerned on the after service or after payment made, will your Interior Designer go silent?! But this has never been my concern with Letz Interior. Even till now, I contacted him, he will still respond. I am happy to engage Jason from Letz Interior. I am thankful to my friend who introduced him. I will introduce to my friends too and I know that he will only continue to grow with his excellent service provided and being a trustable Interior Designer to every home.