Utmost Appreciation for ID Liew Yew Lian for the renovation done for my EC.

Despite me being last minute for having commitment issues that resulted my absence that caused the contractors not able to access the unit due to clearance and security, the predicaments are cleared thanks to Liew’s meticulous planning and mutual emphatic understanding that made the renovation work smooth.

Quality – top notched and beyond expectation. Accedes and accommodate to request with no extra charges and even went the extra mile to ensure safety and quality checks after the renovation.

Professionalism – Material quality and assurance, long-term safety and cost planning being advised beyond our knowledge that makes the living ambience of the unit dynamic and vibrant. Step by step process was being arranged and cleared without any repercussions despite our tight schedules.

Cleanliness – Entire unit just shines sparklingly, dust and debris free even with exotic materials and process are used. Quality cleaning equipment is always on standby and ready for us even after sales.

Thank you for making my dream nest came true with the most efficient and effective effort made.