If we were to do an expectation vs reality meme, we would definitely say that our reality way surpasses our expectation because Brandon Yuen went above and beyond what was required. We hired Brandon as our interior designer but we found a friend in him instead.

When we first met Brandon, we clicked almost instantly because he was the only designer who can envision clearly what we wanted and he was very straightforward and forthcoming. He wasn’t pushy nor did he try to force us into signing up with the company just because of his sales quota but he was very interested in designing our home as industrial design is his forte. We also felt his sincerity in bringing our dream home to life.

From the very first day we signed up with him, he took really good care of us in terms of managing our budget. He also showed great ownership towards our house and treated it as though it was his. We were busy preparing for our wedding then, and Brandon was a great help so that we didn’t even have to worry about our house at all. He went with us to all our shopping trips (kitchen, toilet, bedroom, living room stuff) just to make sure that all the accessories match the theme of the house.

We now sit here comfortably in our beautiful home (which received TONS of compliments from family and friends), thankful that we met someone as sincere as Brandon. And the best part is, despite The Mind Design is a new company, we feel that their quality of work, product and professionalism are so much better to that of other so-called ‘renowned’ companies. Brandon (and the team behind The Mind Design) is (are) the designer(s) to go to if you want your dream home a reality. He’ll make the magic happen
Thanks for everything, Brandon!