James of Charlotte Carpentry pays attention to details and overall concept from pictures inspired me online. I’ve been through many ID companies which ended up not replying nor return with quotation after showing sketches of my own to them. Many want the simplicity of what is available in their design template and drive the customer to agree with them. Why would a customer want to pay an ID if the design is something available off the shelf and cheaper? Unlike James, he pushed away comfort and took the challenge. With his number of years in the industry, James is not only a salesperson whose objective is to close deals. He is fascinated to trying new design and work along to make it happen. It’s more like a team than a customer-vendor relation. There is no 100% an ideal project, discrepancy does happen. James manages his resources well into resolving issues and project completed earlier than scheduled. Am giving Charlotte carpentry a full 5 star base on someone who truly appreciates new and custom design. Well done Charlotte’s Carpentry!! P.s, friends and relative who entrusted me with my level of expectation, have already engaged James.