We were truly blessed to have worked with Janez as our designer and project manager for our home. Throughout the entire renovation process, Janez was very professional & her enthusiasm from start to finish was infectious! We were really glad to have met her during our ID hunt at Renonation. After weeks of homework and engaging many IDs across the island, Janez’ dedication and commitment to the project made us certain that she was THE partner we want to work within realising our dream home.

Paired with Rey, the duo offered useful advice and timely update as much as possible. When a problem arises, they had no qualms to go the extra mile to find means and creative ways to rectify those issues effectively. It made the entire journey an enjoyable and memorable one for us. Definitely a team that we can trust and depend on.

As evident in the pictures and video testimonial, we are extremely pleased with the overall service rendered and the end-product produced by the team.

Once again, thank you Janez, Rey and I-Chapter for delivering an excellent job!