I had engaged LOME interior to renovate my office. On the first appointment, Louis and Lucas came together and proposed to me on how they can improvise and maximize the working space of my office. I did not have an area for pantry or an area for my staffs to eat. My staff ate at their desk for lunch.

And so the story continues… About 3 days later, Louis sent me a design layout on how my new office will look like. (That was a Swift response as this is not selling something off the shelf as it takes time to plan.) On the first impression, I like what he proposed and so, we made our second appointment for him to propose me the price and the material he will be using. That was after about 7 days after our first appointment. (Including sat and sun), we met at our office.

Both Lucas and Louis came down again and started to explain how it will look like and how they plan to do it with the shortest possible lead time so that it will not affect my operation. (To be honest, they already knew what to do the moment they stepped into my old office.) They showed me the price and it was very reasonable. I will not say it’s the cheapest but service, attention and quality are more important. (I’ve been there and done the cheap way, it does not work out most of the time and I ended up spending more time and money to makes things right.)

I shook their hands and proceeded with their proposed plan. Long story short, he completed the renovation within 3 days and it also didn’t affect our operation at all because of his careful planning. That is something I wished for and he made my wish come true. Indeed a great makeover for both my office and operation.