Aki from Fineline was able to understand the direction and concept my Mrs and I were after. We bought a resale mansionette which we were prepared in overhauling. He won us over with his proposals including space planning, materials, overall concept and design. I like being involved and Aki was very open in collaborating each step of the way. We were kept posted on progress on a daily basis. Alternatives and options were always provided for by Aki for our consideration and I would say that he proved his mettle as we proceeded with a number of his ideas. Changes were also accommodated. Fineline provided their services for all aspects of our house to home transformation. Masonry and flooring, carpentry, electrical, piping, windows, designing, and project management. Aki’s biggest traits are patience and being accommodating. We are currently in the last phases of rectification. Budget 15% overrun. The schedule was overrun due to some challenges in delays of approvals and materials.