Jensen Ling did such an amazing job with my 2-room flat! The newer 2A-flat layout has not much space to work with, and it is incredibly hard to move around or put anything in it. If you were to fix a built-in wardrobe in the room, you probably won’t be able to fit a queen size bed. That’s how tight it is!

I’ve met a few other designers from other firms, and none of them suggested what Jensen did while considering the budget I had. And when they did, the budget simply doubled!
Jensen and I spoke for a few hours trying to see how we can make this tiny space work for my wife, my child and me.

We decided to hack the bedroom wall and extend it towards the living area. We also redesigned the layout of the bathroom.

I can tell that Jensen has a lot of experience dealing with interiors. People have been amazed by the look of this flat now, and when we tell them that this is a 2A flat, they just couldn’t believe!

People usually have this stigma against small flats, thinking that it is not comfortable living in a small space. To be honest, I’ve never felt more comfortable after Jensen helped us redesign the house. It feels great, it looks amazing!

What I love about Jensen is that, no matter how small your budget is, he still makes you feel like your house is a priority! Thank you, Jensen Ling! We really appreciate all the effort!