Edward was recommended to me by a friend. After I shopped around for an ID, I decided to go with Edward. His quotation was the best so far. I am very glad I chose him to do my renovation works.

The reasons I was happy with my choice are:

1. The quotation was the most reasonable. If you have a budget, Edward will do his best to do what you want within that budget.
2. The advise was very customer-centric – Edward will advise you according to your budget, and the ideas you have. In fact, if you don’t have an exact idea of what you want, just give him an inkling of what you have in mind, and he’ll come up with the rest. And trust me, you will like it.
3. Very very friendly person.
4. He notices all the small imperfections during the renovation works and rectifies them! even the small ones such as cabinet doors not closing smoothly! very very meticulous. He takes pride in his work. very rare these days.

The thing that I was most appreciative of was how helpful Edward was, and how he went out of the way to help me. I am usually out of town, and in my absence, he took care of everything. Even up to the point of helping me replace a faulty bathroom cabinet from a “big name nasty” vendor, whom I shall not name for fear of a lawsuit :p

All in all, Edward is now my first choice for all renovation works if I ever have any, and I recommend him to anyone I know who needs an ID. You won’t go wrong with Edward as an ID.