ID Kai has the poorest time management skill and is the most irresponsible ID I have ever met, so much so that I warn you before using him since these two are important attributes when we look for in an ID.

First of all, he suggested to meet on Hari Raya Haji even though I told him I didn’t want him to work on public holiday. He insisted and we agreed on the timing 1.30pm even though he asked for a later timing which I couldn’t make it.

He later told me that he will be taking his vaccination in the morning, which I asked if he would like to meet another day in case of side effects. He again insisted that he could meet as he would be fine after the vaccination.

On the morning of Hari Raya Haji, he texted me that he mixed up his vaccination appointment that it was 12.30pm and not 11.30am so he would be late. I asked if we delayed to 2pm, is it okay for him. He then said okay. Bear in mind his vaccination centre was at Jurong and we were going to meet at his office in Lavender but I didn’t know this until much later. He said he will check out the crowd and update me later.

Nevermind, no message from him until I texted him around 1.20pm to confirm on his office address. He then remembered to tell me he was still waiting for registration! When he hadn’t registered, he set a timing to meet us at 2.30pm-2.50pm considering he had to rest 30 mins after the jab and also travel down.

When I checked in with him later, I found out he was having lunch with his girlfriend at 3pm. If his original schedule with us was 1.30pm, I would expect him to have taken his lunch before his vaccination especially he then had one more hour of free time. It turned out it was a joke of the public holiday, wasted our time and he had probably planned out a date with his girlfriend.

He asked if he could email me the quotation instead. Of course he didn’t follow up and I didn’t want to engage him in any case.