The moment we spoke to Leon, we knew we have found the right company to do work for us at our house. Leon is a wonderful & patience person to talk to and he explains to us on the process on each and every project. We have been a happy, satisfied customer since you did the work on our house. You make each customer feel important no matter how big or how small the project. We also commend you on how you answer questions, return calls, meet with people to set up and do and complete each task. And you do it in such a timely manner. I want you to know that you (Leon), your company (Ovon Design Pte Ltd), and your team, who came to my house to do work whose names I unfortunately do not know are wonderful and there is nobody better. Your price, they are just perfect. I think it is wonderful how you work with each customer. You have a devoted customer for life and I will recommend you to everyone who needs a contractor. There are truly no words to explain the joy we feel due to you & your team. I will look forward to working with you in the future.