While we were looking for ID for our new place, I chanced upon a post in Facebook showcasing a home renovation designed by Liz Ng. Both of us liked what we saw and went into the Weiken’s website to look for her portfolio to see more of her designs. End up she was one of the few IDs which we were considering. She was the last ID in our list for first appointment. Our first appointment went well with us sharing our ideas while she able to offer her idea to match with ours. It was a 2 way discussion and she’s able to understand what and how we would like our new place to be. After the first drawing, we decided to make changes to one of the walls, she was not only able to include our ideas into the design but made improvement on it that it blend into the design seamlessly though it was of a different theme. End result, many had commented that that wall look like a piece of art.
Throughout the renovation, she kept us updated on the timeline and progress with text and photos. And she was responsive whenever we asked her for opinion on the choice of furniture or home accessories even during weekends. She was also helpful in liaising with contractors which was not engage through her. As ours is a new development, few of our neighbours commented that their home renovation was disrupted/ delayed due to shortage of manpower, we were lucky that it did not happened to us. On the contrary, Liz was able to complete and handover the house to us before the projected completion date. She didn’t know that because of that, we were able to celebrate my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary in our new home!
Having heard and read horror experiences from others on home renovation regarding IDs (which happened to a celebrity recently), we are bless to have engage Liz as our ID who is able to translate ideas into reality! Thanks Liz!