We received the key to our home a few months before the birth of our son. We searched high and low for IDs hoping to get one which will complete our home just in time before my wife give birth. Of course, on the other hand, we need one which will not cost a hole in our pocket. We managed to find one but we decided that we look elsewhere for our flooring. We came across Tab Gallery and decided to take them up for our flooring. We didn’t realize that they do home renovation too. So we thought why not ask for a quotation from them too. Surprisingly, their quote was lower than what we expected and gotten from all other IDs. They’re so accommodating considering that my wife was heavily pregnant and we are having a budget constraint. While the reno work is going on, we were in the hospital due to some pregnancy complication. However, they never fail to constantly update us on the progress. We are really happy with the outcome…No regrets…!