Nightmare we have had with Rezt n Relax. ID even refused to give us feedback form. We were misled from the start to end. Once contract was signed and $7000 of deposit were paid, we landed ourselves in big trouble. We didn’t knew what was expected for renovation, hence we decided to engage an ID for advice as it’s the first renovation for us. This ID (Alexis Choong) took advantage of it and overcharged us with dubious quote that confused us. There were no proposal of design, we were asked what we wanted and she did exactly the same like what we expected from a contractor. We were not impressed and wanted to look for another firm but our deposit will be forfeited hence we bite the bullet and carried on. We didn’t like the design and request to change it and she further overcharged us. Due to the high quote, we decided to forgo many items. 2 x Bathrooms overlay of wall and flooring/shower screen/mirror/sink , 3 x study tables, dining room ‘s settee and walk in wardrobes. Even after reducing these items, the final quote is still high at 34K and above our budget. Can you imagine? 1x 10ft TV console,simple False ceiling ,20ft x2 kitchen cabinet and 3 x 15ft wardrobes already cost us 34K. It was daylight robbery!! And she took a total of 5 months to complete the renovation on a 5 room bto even though there were no hacking involved. We were shocked to the max that even now we couldn’t get over it (3 years).