We met many different IDs beforehand but Sam was the only one we felt very comfortable with. She was very attentive to details, responsible and was always quick to respond to all our queries.

Firstly, we showed Sam the inspirations and ideas we had. She also gave some suggestions before we decided on some of the designs. Sam came over to our house to do accurate measurements and checks of the house.

After viewing the house, Sam went with us to several tiles shops to confirm the tiles designs. She gave us good suggestions based on our price and inspirations.

After which, she translated our ideas into 2D drawings to better visualize the colours and end to end design. When we are in doubt, she will always be there to give us suggestions and inspirations to help us in making the right decisions. She also gave some detailed good design ideas which we had incorporated.

Sam played a very significant role in planning and coordinating our house renovation. She took our time constraint into consideration and most importantly, we completed the renovation on time. As we had a tight timeframe, she will always inform us the dateline for some design selections/items to get to ensure we complete on time.

Also to note, Sam was the main point of contact for us. She liaised with everyone – from the carpenters, air con installers, electricians and ensured they did a good job. When there are any defects etc, she will ensure it will be fixed on time.

Sam is not only good in design, she is also very meticulous on the measurements (eg informing us about the space between the sink and the stove due to space constraints before we purchase the items). She is also very quick to respond to our queries, which we are very thankful for.

Overall, we are very happy with the full renovation process and are thankful for Sam and DB Studio!