It has never ever occurred to me in this lifetime that I will have the golden opportunity to fully renovate my “old” house. Old house with the flushing toilet system; squat toilet; retro HDB kitchen wall tiles (if you call it), aluminium toilet door; greenish floor tiles etc.

Thus when the opportunity arises, my best friend and I set off on our exciting journey to look for the right person to make my dream house come true! Every weekend we will be so eager to meet up with this ID and that ID but all did not end well. Some will mock at the budget I put up; some will spend hours and hours selling their expertise but no follow-up after our meeting; some will want you to pay for this and that. Some will be so forceful to want you to take up their packages, if not….

We were almost giving up, telling ourselves “what the hack all these IDs are!” (Sorry for the language here). Was about just to get a contractor to do the job.
Then, I remembered one afternoon I received a text from this guy; he said he was from Dreamcatcher Interior Design. He wanted to meet up with us to discuss our renovation. My best friend, she was funny. She said let’s meet up with him and see if he is our ‘Dreamcatcher’?
So, here we are at Dreamcatcher and what impressed us about SHIA LIN was he is a very down-to-earth man (which I think it’s the most basic requirement to be an ID). We were in awe when he presented our renovation quotation; considered as our first meeting! (well, some of you might think that he wants to secure the deal, so he have to be all prepared, but I think it’s very professional of him to get it done.) I must say I was impressed. But he was not pushy to secure the deal, he gave me some cooling period to think through it.
Finally, on November 25, 2017, I secured the deal with him and engaged him as my ID.
Our most experiential learning journey begins; Shia has extremely vast knowledge of all raw materials. I remembered every time whenever I want something that is of good quality, he would recommend me good stuffs like Cerarl Panel & BLUM.
Before renovation starts, he will make many trips to my humble abode and he will observe our daily activities especially the kitchen cos my mum spends most of her time in there. He will observe how my mum works in the kitchen and will design the new kitchen to her advantage (She’s extremely happier in her kitchen now, haha)
Shia is a very meticulous person. He will look into details, like soft round edges, and if it’s not advisable to have these fixtures or that, he will give his professionals advice.
He’s a man of words too; he will honour his promises if he promised you that he will do it, he will get it done. (That’s the second requirement of an ID)
And anytime, anywhere he can be contacted unless he’s very very sick but then he will still get back to you.
Cos I am working during the renovation period, thus I totally leave my house under his care and he never failed me. He would send videos or photos to ease my worries and I really appreciate it. And each time when I saw it, I would be happy all day long. He would even go the extra miles to rectify some problems or hiccups along the way.
Now, after 2 months of renovation, my dream house came alive! And now I can live happily ever after. Thanks to you, Mr Shia Lin.
I am extremely grateful to you and your teams (The carpenter, the electrician, the painter, the plasterer, the plumbers) They are your excellent team players. We are also impressed with the hackers, they are so clean in clearing all the debris, no complaint from the neighbours.
It’s of no regret to engage MR SHIA LIN from Dreamcatcher Interior Design Pte Ltd if you want your dream house to come true and to live happily ever after. Once again, thank you!